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In the United States created a vaccine against COVID-19 based on the avian plague virus

Another drug, which is a candidate for anti-coronavirus vaccines, was developed by American biologists at the University of North Carolina, writes

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In the United States, a vector vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, created on the basis of the LaSota strain of the Newcastle disease virus (NDV), which was modernized with the coronavirus S-protein, was tested on humanized mice. The result was posted on the bioRxiv preprint server.

The experiments were carried out in the laboratory of the 3rd, maximum level of biosecurity.

Nine groups of mice were immunized with four different variants of the vaccine at a dosage of 10 and 50 μg according to a three-week prime-boost scheme (first vaccination + fixing). The injections were done intramuscularly because live NDV hardly replicates in muscle and does not cause symptoms in mammals.

Newcastle disease, or Asian avian plague, is a viral disease of birds. They develop pneumonia, encephalitis, and multiple punctate hemorrhages in organs. The RNA paramyxovirus pathogen poses a great threat to poultry due to its high sensitivity to the virus and a death rate of 15-30%.

The virus is harmless to humans: the maximum can cause mild conjunctivitis and flu-like symptoms.

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The authors claim that their drug, at all doses, "elicited high levels of neutralizing antibodies." An attempt to nasally (through the nose) infect immunized animals with coronavirus was futile: the virus itself and its antigens in the lungs after such an experiment were not detected.

It is proposed to produce this vaccine in a traditional and relatively cheap way for many similar drugs - in hen eggs with embryos.

NDV is a safe platform for vaccines. This virus is also used for research into the development of anticancer vaccines: it can selectively infect cancer cells.

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