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In the US, after vaccination against COVID-19, you can get a free donut

Donut maker Krispy Kreme came up with a way to sweeten the Covid-19 vaccination and offered free donuts for those who got vaccinated. Writes about it CNN.

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“Until the end of the year, if you bring your vaccination card to any Krispy Kreme location in the US, you can get a free glazed donut any day,” says communication company.

The card must show one or two vaccinations for any of the Covid-19 vaccines and must be shown at the store. You don't need to buy anything to get your free donut.

“We all want to get rid of COVID-19 as quickly as possible, and we want to support everyone who contributes to the country's security through vaccination as soon as the vaccine becomes available to them,” said Dave Scena, director of marketing for Krispy Kreme.

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However, the company admits that not everyone will get the vaccine.

“We understand that choosing a vaccine against COVID-19 is a highly personal decision,” the press release said.

Those who choose not to get the Covid-19 vaccine can still get a free glazed donut and medium coffee on Mondays from March 29 to May 24.

All promotions are part of their “Be Sweet” initiative to generate joy and kindness.

Krispy Kreme's vaccination support is not limited to store buyers.

The retailer also offers its employees an incentive to get the vaccine - a four-hour billable time to get vaccinated.

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Additionally, Krispy Kreme is supporting healthcare professionals and volunteers to help administer vaccines, and will be delivering free donuts to select vaccination centers across the country in the coming weeks.

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