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US recalls sunscreen because it can cause blood cancer

Banana Boat is recalling three batches of its hair and scalp sunscreen after tests showed the product contained benzene, a carcinogenic chemical. New York Post.

Photo: IStock

Exposure to benzene through skin contact or inhalation and ingestion has been linked to the development of cancer, particularly leukemia (cancer of the blood).

The Shelton, Connecticut company announced voluntary recall products, but specified that she was not aware of "any case of disease development associated with this recall" and that "it is expected that daily exposure to benzene in the recalled products will not cause adverse health effects."

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The expiration date of the recalled product is December 2022, February 2023 and April 2024.

Screenshot from the FDA website

Banana Boat said it would also offer compensation to consumers who bought the recalled products.

No other batches made before or after the stated expiration dates are affected, according to the FDA release, and no other Banana Boat sunscreen is subject to the recall.

The FDA advises buyers of Banana Boat's Hair and Scalp sunscreen to "stop using the hazardous product immediately."

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Consumers with questions regarding a recall can contact Edgewell Personal Care at 1-888-686-3988 or visit for more information.

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