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In the US, looking for a lucky winner, won $ 429 million

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In the United States in the Powerball lottery over the weekend a jackpot worth $ 429,6 million was played, the TV channel reports

This is the ninth largest jackpot in history. The odds of winning Powerball were 1 to 292 millions. It is known that the winning ticket was sold in New Jersey. Journalists even call the exact address: 750 Chambers Street (this is the 7-Eleven store). If the winner does not appear, the jackpot will grow to $ 525 million. The organizers of the lottery ask everyone who bought tickets recently to check them carefully.

In the United States there is a single federal tax on winning the lottery. It is 25% of the amount plus state tax, which is about 5%.

Recall that Powerball is an American lottery. Tickets are sold in 44 US states. The jackpot is almost always a sensation. In May 2013, the prize was $ 590,5 million.

And in January, 2016, the jackpot reached $ 1,5 billion, which was immediately divided 3 lottery participant.

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