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In the United States begins the trial of the son of State Duma deputy Roman Seleznev

Photo: depositphotos

American investigators attribute Seleznev to the “carders” class, who trade computer burglary to steal credit card details and then trade them in their specialized forums. Photo: depositphotos

On Monday, a trial of Roman Seleznev, a Russian citizen, the son of a State Duma deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Valery Seleznev, opened in Seattle. The charges against him are related to financial fraud and consist of 40 items.

The defendant, who acted under such nicknames as Psikh and Bulba, is accused of breaking into computers of cash registers of many American shops and restaurants, installing malware in them that stole credit card details of their clients and periodically sent them to Seleznev, and then trading them on their automated sites.

The federal prosecutor's office of the Western District of Washington, in which most of the affected firms were located, estimated that the damage to the defendants amounts to at least $ 170 million.

As follows from the telephone conversations of Seleznev, which are officially recorded by the prison administration, he is counting on the election of Donald Trump as president, hoping that he can be more supportive of sending Seleznev to his homeland.

According to prosecutors, the Russian has repeatedly tried to delay the beginning of the process and, in particular, 4 has changed lawyers times.

Photo: US Justice Department Son of State Duma Deputy accused in the case of banking fraud in the millions of dollars

The son of a State Duma deputy is accused in the case of banking fraud in the millions of dollars. Photo: US Justice Department

American investigators attribute Seleznev to the “carders” class, that is, individuals who have computer burglary to steal credit card details and then trade them in their specialized forums.

The scams incriminated to Seleznev in Seattle refer to the 2007-2014 years. In April, 2011, Roman Seleznev, was seriously injured in a terrorist attack in Morocco.

Among the stores robbed by the “carder” were reportedly such giants as Target, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, Staples and Home Depot.

In the summer of 2010, police detective Seattle David Dunn, who will now be the main prosecution witness at the Seleznev trial, was instructed to investigate the hacking of Schlotzky's grocery's cash register computers in Idaho.

Dunn found that the data stolen there was sold on the Bulba and Track-2 sites. Then the detective investigated the hacks in two pizzerias and a Seattle bakery and found out that the same malware programs were installed in their cash register equipment as in the Idaho store.

The investigators managed to find out which servers and email accounts the owner of the site, Track-2, used. In cases where elements of this infrastructure were located in the United States, investigators had the opportunity to conduct searches and found out that Seleznev was hiding under the names Psy, Track-2 and Bulba.

Roman Seleznev denies the guilt and complains that the Americans kidnapped him in July 2014 in the Maldives, where he was on vacation.

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In the U.S. court fraud hacker Russian At home

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