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In the US, all pregnant women will be checked for Zika virus.

In the US, all pregnant women will be checked for Zika virus. Photo:

In the US, all pregnant women will be screened for Zika virus.

The American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) has released new guidelines for protection against Zika virus.

Pregnant women are recommended to undergo blood tests for the presence of this virus during each routine inspection. USA Today.

And men were warned about the possibility of infection during unprotected sexual contact with a virus carrier.

American doctors previously believed that the virus is transmitted only by men, in whose sperm it can be up to several months. Therefore, infected men were advised to avoid unprotected sexual contact with a pregnant partner for at least six months.

But a recent study found that the Zika virus was transmitted from a woman to a man in New York. The CDCP now recommends that men use protection during intercourse with any person, man or woman, who has been to areas inhabited by carriers of the virus.

In addition, doctors recommend pregnant women to refrain from traveling to the Winwood area in Miami (Florida), where Zika virus has already infected 14 people.

According to them, Winwood retains the risk of transmitting the Zika virus to people through the bites of a certain type of mosquito, and measures to control the population of these mosquitoes in Florida do not work reliably.

Florida pregnant women and their partners were advised to take all measures to avoid mosquito bites, and couples who were in Winwood after June 15 would need to be tested for infection.

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