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The US changed the rating of companies working with Israel: the previous version was considered biased

As a result of a long public campaign organized by Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) In cooperation with a coalition of Jewish and pro-Israel organizations, the American financial corporation Morningstar removed the disputed ratings of more than 100 companies operating in Israel or doing business with this country.

Elana Broitman, Senior Vice-President of the Jewish Federations for Public Relations. Photo: JFNA press service

Before the public campaign began, Sustainalytics, a ratings agency owned by the economics corporation Morningstar that evaluates companies on ESG (environmental, social, governance) indicators, classified the activities of approximately 109 Israeli companies and companies doing business with Israel as “problematic.”

In recent months, the number of such companies has decreased to 26, and in recent weeks it has decreased to seven (including 2 subsidiaries), that is, by 94%.

“After many months of negotiations and discussions with Morningstar about the sources and language used by the rating agency, we are pleased to hear that a significant number of companies whose ratings were unfairly lowered due to links with Israel have been “black-marked,” said Elana Broytman. , Senior Vice President Jewish Federations Public Relations “However, our work is not done and we look forward to Morningstar's continued progress in selecting experts.”

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Jewish Federations and a coalition of pro-Israel organizations continue to press Morningstar to honor its commitment to bringing in independent experts on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to ensure that remaining bias is removed from both current reports and future company ratings.

The coalition of pro-Israel organizations includes a number of Jewish structures, the key ones being the United Jewish Foundation (Jewish Federation of Chicago), the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee and the Louis Brandeis Human Rights Center.

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