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In the United States has changed the application form for citizenship

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The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced changes to Form N-400 - Application for Naturalization.

A modified form is available by link.

The previous version of the form is relevant to 9 August 2016. After 10 August, the previous N-400 form will no longer be accepted.

Qualification requirements

The requirements for starting the naturalization process have not changed. For information on completing the N-400 form and searching for requirements, go to link.

For more information, refer to Naturalization Guidelines.

Changes made to the new form N-400

Changes to the new form were made according to public comments and discussions:

  • Remote barcode. The new version removed the barcode 2-D.
  • Optimized application process for the client. The new form saves customers time if a certain section does not apply to them. For example, on the first page, add the language of your parents. The answer to this question will determine whether you need to completely fill out the 6 section, or go straight to filling out the 7 section.
  • Identified data. A form instruction language has been added to help applicants determine which data (evidence) they need to provide with the form or bring to the interview.

How to fill in a modified form N-400

The new edition of the form N-400 is on link. Fill it electronically, then print it, sign it, and send it to the USCIS Lockbox. At the time of sending you need to attach additional documentation and make payment.

If you cannot fill out the N-400 form electronically, print or obtain the paper form by inquiry by calling: 800-870-3676. The paper form is filled with black ink.

You can also get the form and information by calling the National Customer Service Center at: 800-375-5283 (number for the deaf or hard of hearing: 800-767-1833).

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