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In the US, foreign medical students are afraid of deportation



Many foreign medical students in the United States are afraid to be subject to Donald Trump’s new immigration decrees.

Journalists Edition met with those who study in schools and universities of chicago. It is there that students who receive a deferment from the deportation under the so-called DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program are trained. Recall that in the 2012 year, the Obama administration allowed illegal immigrants who came to the US before 16 years to get a work permit. According to the decree, those who had a high school diploma and had no criminal record could count on protection from deportation. Currently, about 750 thousand people have benefited from the DACA program.

Among them is a student from Chicago, Garcia Manrique. Garcia's parents brought her from Guatemala to the United States when she was 7 years old. At school she diligently studied chemistry and dreamed of becoming a doctor. Then she entered medical school in Georgia and continued her career in Chicago. The DACA program helped Manrique stay in the country and even work.

Now Garcia fears for his fate. She believes she may fall under the new decrees of President Trump, which are tightening policies against illegal immigrants. One of such cases is already fixed in seattle.

At the same time in themselves decrees spelled outthat all participants in Obama's program can still count on protection from deportation. However, the same new regulations also contain loopholes that will allow officers to detain an undocumented person. For example, if he commits any crime. Any problem with the law, no matter how minor, can lead to deportation.

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, today around 70 students, using the DACA program, are studying in US medical schools.

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