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In Russia, schoolchildren have launched a flash mob - they write "Putin is a thief" on the board. A PHOTO

A flash mob against the president is gaining momentum in Russian schools: schoolchildren and students write the words “Putin is a thief” with chalk on a blackboard or with a pen in a notebook and share photos of the inscription on social networks, writes “Currently,".

Фото: Depositphotos

It all began with an incident at school # 20 in the village of Tayozhny in the Krasnoyarsk Territory of Russia. There the inscription appeared on the blackboard in the “10A” class and caused a violent reaction from at least one of the teachers, Evdokia Kovaleva, who teaches history at the school. She nrigosa students meeting with Putin's bodyguards and said that the class inflicted "the deepest insult" on Putin, "for which in Soviet times would have been shot."

The inscription "Putin is a thief" on the blackboard at school # 20 in the village of Tayozhny - photo sent by the author who wished to remain anonymous

Officials of the Ministry of Education of the Krasnoyarsk Territory studied video from Tayozhnoye, but they did not find in it grounds for removing the teacher from office. But her speech still had consequences. After the video with the teacher's reaction appeared on social networks (to date, the original photo posted in the Stalingulag group on the VKontakte social network has received almost 2 likes, about 150 comments, over 50 reposts and over 35 views), schoolchildren and students from other schools began to write the same words about Putin on blackboards in classrooms and in school notebooks and publish them on social networks.

Challenge joined by:

  • School №4 in the city of Gusinoozersk in Buryatia;
  • school in Krasnodar;
  • University named after Lobachevsky in Nizhny Novgorod;
  • and other educational institutions.

A schoolboy from Komi named Dmitry, who wrote "Putin is a thief" on the blackboard at his school, said Present Timethat he learned about the flash mob from social networks, and he was forced to take part in it by the fact that now “not the times of the Soviet Union”.

“Peers reacted normally, and the teacher said that everyone builds their destiny the way they see fit. But he didn’t say anything against it, ”the student commented on what happened in his school after the inscription appeared. According to him, there was no punishment for him, but he was still asked to erase the inscription from the board.

“Of course, I didn’t do it. On the contrary: he went out and said that we had such an action, - he said. - We do not have especially ardent Putin patriots, we all have mostly average views: they think that Putin should not necessarily rule. That if another comes - maybe it will be better. "

When asked if he was afraid for his future, Dmitry answered:

“Why should I be afraid? I know they can be imprisoned for extremism, but why not express your views? What is “stability”? That we are plundering the economy, that everything is bad with us? ”, The teenager explained his position.

Another student from Buryatia, who also wrote “Putin is a thief” on the board and shared the photo on social networks, said that “it was not meant to be a challenge or a flash mob”:

“My classmates ignored [the action],” the teenager said. - They believe that we are schoolchildren, minors, and this does not concern us: we do not pay taxes. There was no reaction from the teachers either. But I saw what was happening in the village of Taezhnoye and decided to support the guys. We all live in small towns and see Russia from the inside: everything is not so good with us, ”he explained.

The school management in the village of Taezhny refused to comment on the inscriptions, and the school teacher in Gusinoozersk told the correspondent Present Timethat on November 15 a representative of the Investigative Committee came to the school. Together with the director, they went around all the rooms, but it turned out that there was no office shown in the photo.

“Thank God, the school is not ours,” said the interlocutor following the visit.

At the same time, the press service of the Investigative Committee for the Republic of Buryatia told the TV channel that they are not conducting any checks on the fact that a photo with the inscription “Putin is a thief” appears on social networks.

Alexey Linnik, a 9th grade student from Barnaul, who openly takes an oppositional stance towards the current Russian authorities, believes that "school is not the place to make statements."

“The school is in order to gain knowledge in it, and in order to express your position, there are rallies, actions, pickets, social networks,” he explained.

He also doubts that the authors of the inscriptions “Putin is a thief” are really oppositionists:

“There are teenagers who did this out of personal hostility towards Putin, which everyone has. Everyone understands perfectly well that in the near future they will have to go to college, work, but we have nowhere to work: from the experience of older people, we know that factories are closed, people are kicked out, and this is scary. But, most likely, in this case, it was the teacher's behavior that caused the reaction of people throughout Russia. The phrase “shoot a person if he writes that” is generally unacceptable for a teacher, ”Linnik said.

This is not the first conflict of pupils and teachers in Russian schools, directly or indirectly connected with the protest activity of young people and teenagers in the Russian regions.

After the rallies “He is not Dimon for us” on March 26, 2017, teachers, psychologists, directors in schools and universities in several regions carried out explanatory conversations with pupils, why one should not believe politics Alexei Navalny and go to opposition events. Conversations resumed after the presidential elections in 2018 and the June 12 protest actions, timed to coincide with Putin's inauguration.

Pupils filmed several such lectures, after which forwarded records reporters or put them on the Internet.

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