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In Russia, the new rules for obtaining visas to the United States, Europe and Canada

For a visa to the United States, Russians sometimes have to go abroad. The British Consulate General is closing in St. Petersburg, and now it is necessary to submit biometric data for a Canadian visa. On the new visa rules and the most difficult countries in this regard - in the material RIA News.

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For a visa to neighboring republics

The draft law on the accreditation of visa centers in Russia was withdrawn from the State Duma, but the parliamentarians do not reject the very idea. Senator Konstantin Kosachev stressed that he and his colleagues will continue to seek its legislative design. To this issue will return in the fall.

In general, problems with tourist visas among Russians, as a rule, do not arise. Experience shows that, even when applying to the visa center for the first time, you can get, for example, a one-year Schengen multivisa. But in some cases it will be necessary to make quite serious efforts to get an entry permit.

At the moment, the Russian Embassy in Moscow and consulates general in Yekaterinburg and Vladivostok are working in Russia. But to register for an interview is almost impossible, there are no dates available.

Hundreds of Russians travel to former Soviet republics hoping to use the services of American embassies there. In Georgia, for example, there are even some "wine and visa" tours, when visa applicants can wait for them, making excursions to wineries.

“There are several important nuances for those who decide to apply for a US tourist visa outside of Russia,” says Irina Eddaira, director of EF Education First Russia.

For example, you need to pay the consular fee in advance, and only then you can see the slots by appointment. “This is the case in most countries. As a result, choosing a country for recording and paying the fee, you do not always know when the interview will take place, ”the expert explains.

She warns that if in Russia a US tourist visa is usually issued for three years at once, then in other countries there may be a shorter period.

The second time will be easier

Travel agencies are trying in real time track visa situation. So, according to data on Monday evening, July 30, you can sign up for an interview in Warsaw, Krakow, Riga, Prague, Helsinki and Astana. But only for autumn or winter. In some countries, as reported in travel agencies, for example in Estonia, Lithuania, and Armenia, the US embassies have suspended the reception of applications from Russian citizens. Experts explain that there is no record there for a long time and is not expected yet.

Re-visa in the United States to get easier, the interview is not required. True, if earlier it was possible to simply come to the office of the Pony Express courier service on any day and submit documents, then from September 2017, the documents take by appointment on Online. Record about a week in advance. It was possible to find available dates for filing documents without an interview only at the US consulate in Vladivostok, but it is expected that dates will appear in other missions in the coming days.

Specialists of the service "" found that after the deterioration of the situation with the issuance of American visas, the demand for air tickets to the United States fell almost twice.

"Roll" your fingers

The number of people willing to go to Canada, where the number of tourists has been small, will also decrease. From 31 July 2018, Canada has expanded the requirements for collecting biometric data to all citizens of Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Biometric data Russians can pass in the visa centers of Canada, located in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Vladivostok.

Make out in advance

The British Consulate General stops working in the northern capital. “The visa center in St. Petersburg will receive and issue documents in the same way, we are talking about the closure of the consulate general, which does not affect the issuance of visas. There are no restrictions on issuing visas for Russian citizens, ”the visa center emphasizes.

True, the staff warns that, perhaps, the speed of decision-making on visas will decrease, and recommend to start registration at least six weeks before the trip.

Quickly and for a year

Some countries are becoming more loyal to Russian tourists. So, from June 28 the Consulate General of Spain in Moscow reduced visa processing time from five to four days. Spain, Greece and Italy are considered the friendliest to Russian travelers. They issue multiple-entry visas even to those who have not visited the Schengen countries before.

Spring came into force loosening for Russians when obtaining a Portuguese visa. In particular, the process of consideration of documents has accelerated. Tour operators report that about a third of Portuguese visa applicants receive an annual Schengen visa.

“There have been no global changes in the requirements for issuing visas to the EU and other foreign countries,” say experts from the Biblio-Globus tour operator. “You can increase the chances of getting a visa, including a multiple entry visa, by providing the most reliable information about yourself and the purpose of your trip.”

Also, they emphasize in travel agencies, each applicant can expand the main package of documents by providing additional guarantees of return to Russia - extracts of long-term deposits, documents confirming the availability of real estate, family.

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