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Obtaining citizenship in Russia will be drastically simplified: what will change

Russia has developed a large program for the return of compatriots from abroad. The tip of this iceberg appeared recently - in the Russian Federation all citizens of Ukraine and Belarus were automatically recognized as native speakers of the Russian language. This gives them the opportunity to quickly obtain a Russian passport.

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But if you dig deeper, we are talking about a whole list of actions that are being prepared right now, writes “Country".

The Russian media have already dubbed them the “citizenship reform” or “demographic reform,” since the plans of the Russian authorities indicate a population growth of two million people until 2024.

For this, several point innovations and two large ones were made.

First: The Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation approved a list of 135 specialties. Having worked on any of them in Russia for one year, a foreign citizen (regardless of which country’s passport he has now) will be able to apply for a passport.

Second and the most interesting innovation lies in the documents attached to the bill on the budget for 2020-2022 years. Thus, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia proposes to exclude the requirement of renunciation of another citizenship for foreign citizens.

Separate benefits for obtaining Russian citizenship

Citizens of Ukraine and Belarus are planning to be recognized as native speakers of the Russian language without passing an exam. This status gives people the right to obtain citizenship in a simplified manner. However, such relief for applicants for citizenship of the Russian Federation is nothing more than a moral bonus. Since the package of documents for simplifying citizenship has not changed.

Also, the Russian government initiated a bill according to which the period for consideration of an application for obtaining Russian citizenship is reduced from six to three months.

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In fact, a passport for three months from the date of application for citizenship now and so many get it. But it is planned that now the waiting period will be reduced second for such categories:

  • spouses of Russian citizens,
  • in which at least one parent lives in Russia and has Russian citizenship,
  • who currently lives in Russia by residence permit.

135 specialties for obtaining Russian citizenship

Separately, the Russian Ministry of Labor prepared a list of professions of foreigners who have "competencies demanded by the Russian economy."

Now a foreigner, having worked in any of the following professions during the year, can apply for citizenship of the Russian Federation.

1. Agricultural engineer
2. Agronomist
3. Agrochemist
4. Midwife
5. Presenter
6. Veterinarian
7. Veterinary expert
8. Veterinarian
9. Reproductive Area Veterinarian
10. Veterinary gynecologist
11. Veterinarian Therapist
12. Educator
13. Health center doctor
14. Clinical Laboratory Diagnostic Doctor
15. General practitioner (family doctor)
16. Palliative Care Physician
17. Receptionist
18. Emergency doctor
19. Doctor of station (department) of emergency and emergency medical care
20. Anesthetist-resuscitator
21. Bacteriologist
22. Pediatric Oncologist
23. Cardiorematologist
24. Laboratory assistant
25. Neurologist
26. Oncologist
27. ENT doctor
28. Ophthalmologist
29. Pediatrician
30. Local pediatrician
31. Psychiatrist
32. Psychiatrist
33. Psychiatrist
34. Teen Psychiatrist
35. Psychiatrist teenage precinct
36. Psychiatrist
37. Psychiatrist-narcologist
38. Specialist
39. Statistician
40. Dentist
41. General practitioner
42. Therapist
43. Orthopedic Traumatologist
44. TB doctor
45. Phthisiatrician
46. Surgeon
47. Epizootologist
48. Gas welder
49. Hydromeliorator
50. Chief Project Engineer
51. Chief Metallurgist
52. Director of Economics
53. Livestock specialist
54. Engineer for Automated Manufacturing Management Systems
55. Engineer for the introduction of new equipment and technology
56. Mining engineer
57. Oil and Gas Production Engineer
58. Information Security Engineer
59. Quality engineer
60. Instrumentation and Automation Engineer
61. Metrology engineer
62. Construction Supervision Engineer
63. Setup and Testing Engineer
64. Production Management Organization Engineer
65. Production Preparation Engineer
66. Welding Engineer
67. Design engineer
68. Design engineer
69. Process engineer
70. Electrical Engineer
71. Correspondent
72. Drilling master
73. Mathematician
74. Nurse
75. Procedural nurse
76. District nurse
77. Medical Laboratory Technician
78. Machine operator
79. Drilling, mining mechanic
80. Steel and reinforced concrete constructor
81. The installer of electronic equipment and instruments
82. Installer of sanitary systems and equipment
83. Installer of ventilation, air conditioning, pneumatic transport and suction systems
84. Technological pipelines installer
85. Assembler of technological equipment and related structures
86. Programmer for machine tools and manipulators
87. Operating nurse
89. Editor
90. X-ray lab assistant
91. Fish farmer
92. Collector of electronic products
93. Hull assembler for metal vessels
94. Welder of reinforcing nets and frames
95. Agricultural machinery repairman
96. Agricultural machinery repairman
97. Agricultural machinery repairman
98. Metalwork assembly fitter
99. Construction fitter
100. Aircraft Locksmith
101. Ship repairman
102. Mechanical Engineering Specialist
103. Machine tool woodworking machine tools
104. The machine tool broad profile
105. Sudokorpusnik repairman
106. Drilling technician
107. Setup and Testing Technician
108. Cartographer Technician
109. Technician Technologist
110. Food and Processing Technologist
111. Agricultural Technologist
112. Turner
113. Carousel Turner
114. Boring Turner
115. Combine tractor
116. Tractor driver
117. Tractor operator
118. Ship Pipeline
119. Teacher
120. Pharmacist
121. Paramedic
122. Paramedic Ambulance
123. Paramedic Assistant
124. Milling machine operator
125. Grinder
126. Electrician of the site
127. Cable Assembler
128. Lighting and lighting network electrician
129. Ship electrician
130. Electrician repairing overhead power lines
131. Distribution network electrician
132. Electric welder on automatic and semi-automatic machines
133. Construction fitter
134. Entomologist

A large list of medical specialties and teachers is noteworthy. That is, Russia as it were invites people of these professions.

Now in Russia the Zemsky Doctor program is operating. If a doctor moves to villages and small towns of the country, he can get lifting: junior medical personnel - 500 thousand rubles (7850 dollars), doctor - a million rubles (15700 dollars). Approximately for the money in rural areas in Russia you can buy housing.

With 2020, the Zemsky Teacher program begins. It provides for payments to teachers in the amount of one million rubles.

Key conditions for participation in the programs - the age of a specialist should be no more than 50 years (for doctors) and no more than 55 years (for teachers). A person will have to conclude an employment contract for a period of at least 5 years.

For doctors and teachers who will go to the villages of the Far East, Vladimir Putin initiated an increase in lifting twice as much.

On the subject: Zelensky simplified the issuance of Ukrainian citizenship to Russians

Russian citizenship without giving up their

On October 23, the preliminary schedule of the State Duma indicates the consideration of the federal budget bill for 2020-2022.

The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation has prepared a large document on demography. It is attached to the budget project.

It is indicated that it has been introduced to improve demography: a mortgage reduced to 6% for families with two and subsequent children, free IVF for women up to 39 years unlimited times, subventions for free cancer treatment, including in private clinics and more.

Part of the document is dedicated to the fact that Russia will continue to simplify the acquisition of citizenship in a number of areas. It is noted that they plan to place special emphasis on qualified specialists (their list is given above). And a separate line is highly qualified personnel.

A separate position that has not previously been declared is “to exclude the mandatory requirement to renounce other citizenship for foreign citizens accepting Russian citizenship”.

Now, only a few categories of citizens can refuse their citizenship: Ukrainians are participants in state programs for obtaining Russian citizenship and Tajik citizens (this is the only country that has a dual citizenship agreement with Russia).

Economists also want foreigners who graduated from Russian universities to remain in the country. They will be helped with legalization. Those foreigners who are studying in Russia now, experts say, are few. They plan to increase their number in a few years to 425 thousand people.

It is additionally noted that the state will help with documents to those who received vocational education and graduated from leading universities in the CIS and Baltic countries.

It is interesting that the experts of the Ministry of Economic Development express dissatisfaction with the state program on the return of compatriots to Russia.

These are:

  • people who were born on the territory of the former Russian Empire and the USSR;
  • former Russian citizens who once adopted the citizenship of another state;
  • foreigners and stateless persons whose direct ancestors were citizens of the USSR and previously lived on the territory of the modern Russian Federation (since the USSR collapsed, they were granted citizenship of one of the formed republics).

Now the regional authorities are helping these citizens to find work and are paying lifting - 240 thousand rubles (about 3770 dollars) for the applicant and 120 thousand rubles (about 1890 dollars) for each member of his family.

Residents of the “DPR” and “LPR”, who receive citizenship in a simplified manner by decree of Putin, are not mentioned in the document of economists. But it is obvious that they will be a drop in the bucket. According to the latest data, residents of the "republics" received 35 of thousands of passports. In total, 90 thousand people from Donbass filed an application.

The described document has been approved by the government and will result in specific amendments and bills.

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