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Looking for English: 10 language schools in the 10 states of America

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The best place to learn English is in the country where it is spoken. America is an excellent option for those who want to speak or converse in English. The choice of language schools in the USA is large: there are options from Washington to Hawaii. For example, in California you can combine study with a beach holiday, in New York with walks through bustling Manhattan, in Chicago with the opportunity to see classic America.

Schools offer courses lasting from a week to a year. In addition, they help to get a student visa, providing the necessary for this type of visa form I-xnumx. To get it, a potential student needs go through the procedure of enrollment in the program and pay a $ 180-200 fee.

ForumDaily has selected for you 10 language school options in the United States, which will be taught to both English and a student visa.

1. Solex college: real America

Where: Chicago, Illinois

Solex College accepts about two thousand international students per year. Photo facebook.com/solex.college

Solex College accepts about two thousand international students per year. Photo facebook.com/solex.college

About school: Solex college - a budget school for learning English - ideal in terms of price-quality ratio. It is designed for students with different levels of training: there are programs for teaching English and programs for improving the language. Each student undergoes testing, which helps determine the level of English in order to be enrolled in the appropriate group.

The school is located in the heart of Chicago. Its undoubted advantage is its extensive experience and good reputation: Solex college accepts about two thousand foreign students per year. It is one of the largest accredited language schools in the state of Illinois. Pay attention to the word “accredited” - this is an important point when choosing a school and one of the main questions you should ask when communicating with the leadership of your future place of study.

Solex College in their programs focuses on learning English and immersion in the environment and culture of classical America. Мstudent activities They are organized in the American style - fun and memorable.


Events for students arrange fun and memorable. Photo: instagram.com/solexcollege

Solex College leads an active life in social networks: conducts blog and page in Facebook. Another interesting feature that draws attention to the school and provides an opportunity to understand how high your chances are to learn English with teachers Solex College - video channel on Youtube. Here you can watch free English lessons - short, 5-10 minute clips, made in a convenient format. What the teacher says is immediately repeated in the subtitles. Take a look - you'll probably like the teaching style.

Tuition: from $ 550

Course duration: from 1 month

Address: 180 N Wabash Avenue, Chicago 60601

Phone: +1 (847) 229 9595


2.Mentor Language Institute: our people in Hollywood

Where: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California

About school: In its curriculum Mentor Language Institute focuses on young teachers and young students who value the opportunity not only to learn, but also to have a good rest.

The proximity of Hollywood beach The prestigious Rodeo Drive street with parties and vacationing young people is the place where English will come to you not only in the classroom, but also on the street in everyday communication. Students can live either on campuses in Beverly Hills or Hollywood, or in one of the families that collaborate with the school.

In addition, the school helps to fill form I-20, a $ 150 fee is charged for this.

Tuition: from $ 227

Course duration: from 1 of the week

Address: 9744 Wilshire Blvd Suite 445, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Phone: + 1 (310) 887-0777


3.Study & Live in your Teacher`s Нome: go to the casino with a teacher

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

About school: Some people see this as a plus - after all, there will definitely not be an opportunity to communicate in your native language with someone from the group after class. Throughout your days, your teacher will be your companion, and the only language of communication will be English. But there is also a minus - this is the monotony that you will encounter during training.

The prospective student is first asked to complete an 25 minute online test and then report on what programs they can offer.

One of the most popular program locations in the United States is in Las Vegas. And teachers whose homes are open to students live on the edge of the desert and in the very center of the city of entertainment.

Tuition: from $ 1400

Course duration: from 1 of the week

Address: The Towers, Hawley Square, Margate, Kent CT9 1PH, England

Phone: +44 (0)1843 227700


4.EF International Language Center: ocean view school

Where: Honolulu, Hawaii

About school: Aloha! If you want to learn English in a relaxed atmosphere, try Hawaii. This school is located in downtown Honolulu, in a skyscraper overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the beach across the street. If you have the mental strength to focus on studying in a building with panoramic ocean views, knowing that a white sandy beach is just steps away, give it a try.

To study the language here is taken seriously: the scientific network, which includes the school, works on programs agreed with scientists Cambridge, Harvard, Beijing universities, Moscow State University and the University of São Paulo.

Tuition: from $ 1190

Course duration: from 2 weeks

Address: 1833 Kalakaua Ave #700, Honolulu, HI 96815

Phone: + 1 (808) 923-1515


5.TLA-THE Language Academy: night at the museum

Where: Fort Lauderdale, FL

About school: Students from all over the world come here who are attracted by the opportunity to live in one of the most unique cities in America, because Fort Lauderdale is often called the American Venice. The school is located at the Plaza Art Museum, which adds a certain charm to the learning process. The training method is designed for those who have already learned English and want to continue their studies at a more serious level.

School helps to fill form I-20, a $ 100 fee is charged for this.

Tuition: from $ 700

Course duration: from 2 weeks

Address: 200 S Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Phone: + 1 (954) 462-8373


6.Mountain language institute: high up in the mountains

Where: Denver, Colorado

About school: The method of teaching students is based on discussions, the emphasis is on speaking and communication skills. Curiously, an online training school for students from Russia first appeared. Soon the school became interested in foreign students who studied in Denver, but were dissatisfied with their level of language. After that, in addition to the online school, the Mountain Language Institute opened.

Denver is a city with a specific climate. It is located at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level and is known as the “mile-high city”. To compensate for the heavy breathing (the heart beats quickly at this altitude), there are 300 sunny days a year.

Tuition: from $ 40 per hour

Course duration: by agreement

Address: 1224 Washington Ave #10, Golden, CO 80401

Phone: + 1 (720) 213-8651


7.Embassy English: Would you like to live in Manhattan?

Where: New York, NY

About school: From the first day of study, students at this language school find themselves in the thick of things - the educational institution is located in Manhattan. A rich cultural program is what the school focuses on. For entertainment, students are taken to Broadway musicals, and in the mornings they are offered jogging in Central Park.

The programs are designed for those who already have basic knowledge, and for those who know the language, but want to improve the pronunciation, and even those who are not familiar with the English alphabet at all and want to start from scratch.

Tuition: from $ 545

Course duration: from 1 of the week

Address: 328 7th Ave, New York, NY 10001

Phone: + 1 (212) 629-7300


8.Excel English Institute: who shot at kennedy?

Where: Dallas, TX

About school: With one of the school's owners, Mallus Rohani, you will definitely have something to talk about. Despite her outlandish name, she comes from the USSR. Mother is Russian, father is Iranian. When Mallus was 2 years old, her parents emigrated to America. Here Mallus graduated from school, received a journalist education, worked on television, and then realized that her calling was philology.

Having found a comrade in spirit and discussed the vision of teaching methods, they opened a school for students who want to learn a language in a short time. The school has developed its own program to get rid of foreign accent.

One of the topics that can be discussed in the first lesson is who shot Kennedy. After all, it is here, in Dallas, that John F. Kennedy Square is located - the same one where the famous president was assassinated.

School helps to fill form I-20, a $ 50 fee is charged for this.

Tuition: from $ 400

Course duration: from 4 weeks

Address: 10260 North Central Expressway, Suite 250Dallas, Texas 75231

Phone: +1(972)783-2388


9.Kaplan School: for coffee and music lovers

Where: Seattle, WA

About school: The peculiarity of learning is that after classes students do not leave the language environment, because they live not in campuses, but in host families. However, if you wish, you can live in an apartment, but, as teachers convince, the effect is still not the same.

Students are attracted by an interesting and active recreation program.. The school's motto: “English for lovers of cafes and live music,” because Seattle is the birthplace of grunge style and coffee culture (many American coffee chains were founded in Seattle).

Tuition: from $ 810

Course duration: from 2 weeks

Address: 51 University St, Seattle, WA 98101

Phone: + 1 (213) 452-5800


10.English Language Center: see the president and talk

Where: Washington, DC

About school: The student can choose the level of training himself. But the school informs in advance that if a student has not calculated strength, he can be transferred to a course corresponding to the level of language proficiency.

The English Language Center is located in downtown Washington, just minutes from the White House. One of the interesting programs offered here is “Life Experience”. Figuratively speaking: you are released into the city with or without a teacher and are offered develop skills in listening to English speech in real life conditions. Who knows, it may turn out that the question “How to get to the library?” you ask the US President himself.

Tuition: from $ 340

Course duration: from 1 of the week

Address: 1025 Connecticut Ave. Suite 701, Washington DC, 20036

Phone: +1 0 202 695 7353

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