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Searching for 'Agent Penis': 58-year-old American woman tried to infiltrate the CIA and climbed into Obama's house

A woman from North Carolina accused of illegally entering the CIA headquarters violated a court order and sneaked into the former 44 residence of US President Barack Obama. Repeatedly besieging the CIA checkpoint, she demanded to "speak with Agent Penis."

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58-year-old Jennifer Hernandez four times tried to illegally enter the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Now she was found in the former home of Barack Obama in a suburb of Washington, DC, reports Fox News.

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The woman was ordered to stay away from all government affiliates, but she violated the ban, DC judge John Anderson said.

She was charged with criminal behavior after she allegedly entered the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, in late April and early May. The woman tried to enter through the main entrance four times, claiming that she had applied for work at the agency. Once she said that she had left her identification card at the gate and asked to speak with “Agent Penis”.

The offender was released pending trial. Anderson said on Tuesday that the court will not try to withdraw Hernandez’s provisional release, despite new charges.

“You have to meet,” the judge said to the offender in court. “We are trying to help you, not punish you.” You should not go to places like the CIA and the Obama family home. You must struggle with your aspirations, and you simply cannot return there. We all want to solve this problem in a non-judicial way. ”

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“I will not return there,” Hernandez told the judge. “Tell me what to do, and I will abide by the law.”

Federal public defender Whitney Minter said she is working with prosecutors and probation officers to determine how to resolve the case without a trial. She added that the issue of recognizing Hernandez not guilty due to insanity is being considered. The next hearing is scheduled for February 11.

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