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The Pentagon has created a microchip that recognizes COVID-19 even before symptoms appear

Pentagon scientists have developed a microchip that can recognize COVID-19 before you start showing symptoms. The device is implanted under the skin to monitor health status - to detect viruses and infections, as well as to stop COVID-19 in its path. Writes about it The Sun.

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The team tasked with "making the pandemic a thing of the past" has created a device capable of detecting symptoms before you even notice them.

The National Health Service states that the three most common symptoms of the disease are persistent cough, high fever, and loss of taste and smell.

If you have any of these symptoms, you should be tested and isolated.

But data has shown that people can also suffer from symptoms such as headaches and fatigue, with about a third of the population showing none of them.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in the United States has shown that the device can stop people who unknowingly spread the virus.

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The expert said that although the chip can be inserted under your skin, it will not be able to track your every move.

Army infectious disease physician Matt Hepburn explained that the device is a tissue-like gel that, once inserted, will constantly test your blood.

He clarified: "You implant it under your skin, and he informs you that chemical reactions are taking place inside the body, and this signal means that you are sick."

Hepburn gave an example of how aircraft and ship crews could use the device: “It's like a check engine light. The sailors will receive a signal, then they will be able to take blood from themselves and check themselves on the spot. We can get this information in three to five minutes. By shortening the time between diagnosis and treatment, you stop the infection. ”

The device is believed to be the first of its kind. Currently, governments around the world are using vaccinations, restrictive measures and intensified trials to bring society back to normal.

Hepburn has isolated another device capable of removing the virus from the blood after it is placed in a dialysis machine.

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Until now, this treatment has been applied to "Patient 16", the wife of a military man, who was admitted to intensive care with septic shock and organ failure.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved this filter for emergency use and has been used to treat 300 patients to date.

Although this device is approved for emergency use, the chip is believed to be in advanced stages of production and the FDA has yet to issue any chip recommendation.

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In the U.S. COVID-19 microchip
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