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15-year-old girl dies in Oklahoma due to popular new challenge on TikTok

A 15-year-old girl died of an overdose of Benadryl (an antiallergic drug) as a result of a dangerous TikTok challenge. Writes about it Metro.

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An unnamed girl died in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, during the Benadryl Challenge when participants take at least 12 capsules of antiallergic medication in an attempt to recreate a drug high.

But Scott Schaeffer of the Oklahoma Poison and Drug Information Center said the difference between hallucinations and suicide is extremely small. He explained: “The dose that can cause hallucinations is very close to potentially life-threatening. Large doses of Benadryl can provoke cramps and heart problems - it loses its rhythm and does not pump blood efficiently. "

The relatives of the victims described the girl as happy, driven by faith and not at all trying to take any illegal drugs.

On the subject: Parents warned of new deadly challenge among teenagers

Experts fear that Benadryl's status as a common over-the-counter drug used to treat allergy symptoms and relieve colds may mask its potential dangers.

Schaeffer said he works with teachers and schools to educate them about the potential dangers of such problems.

Back in May, three teenagers were hospitalized in Dallas after taking Benadryl. And in 2018, U.S. public health officials sounded the alarm when, during the Tide Pod Challenge, people videotaped them eating pills filled with liquid detergent.

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Parents warned of new deadly challenge among teenagers

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