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In New Mexico, a three-year-old wounded his father and mother with one shot

A three-year-old boy in the USA wounded his parents with a pistol shot, which he pulled from his mother’s handbag.

This happened in a motel room on a Saturday afternoon in the city of Albuquerque in the state of New Mexico.

As the local police reported, the child was probably looking for an iPod in the bag.

The bullet went through the soft tissues of the father’s pelvis and fell into the hand of a mother who is pregnant at the eighth month. The injured were taken to hospital, they were given first aid.

The two-year-old sister of the boy, who was in the same room, was not injured.

Justin Reynolds told a KOB radio reporter that he and his girlfriend Monique Villescas were about to order pizza when he heard a shot.

“After a minute I realized that she was bleeding. Then I sat down and realized that I was also wounded, ”said the victim.

He called the ambulance service and tried to stop the bleeding from his girlfriend with paper napkins.

“I was more worried for her than for myself, besides, I did not know what happened to my son, he was scared and cried loudly. It was all terrible, ”said Reynolds.

Reynolds has already been discharged from the hospital, and the state of Monique Villescas does not inspire fear.

According to the city’s police, the district attorney will decide whether to bring the boy’s parents to justice for negligence in storing firearms. So far, the authorities have taken the children into custody.

Last December, in Idaho, a two-year-old boy at a Wal-Mart department store killed his mother with a pistol shot that he found in her bag.

Source - Russian service "BBC"

In the U.S. USA shooting fire weapon New Mexico

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