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In New York, detained a Russian woman who has committed brutal murders at home

Photo: Facebook / Vi Na

Photo: Facebook / Vi Na

A Russian woman who lived in Brooklyn was detained on Monday morning, March 20. She is accused of several brutal murders and theft of a large amount.

The story in the style of the Hollywood thriller told the newspaper NY Post.

Victory Nasyrova has been on the Interpol international wanted list since 2015 on suspicion of murder committed in October 2014.


At the same time, searches for Victoria Nasyrova were conducted in Russia:

Screen Krasnodar.23.mvdr.rf

Screen Krasnodar.23.mvdr.rf

According to investigators, Victoria Nasyrova killed 54-year-old Alla Alekseenko in Krasnodar and appropriated a large amount of money that Alla received from selling the house of her late mother.

Alla’s daughter, Nadezhda Ford, spoke about this, and she lives, like Nasyrova, in New York, in the borough of Queens.

“Honestly, I can’t believe she’s finally arrested. I thought this day would never come,” Ford said Monday morning.

“I pray to God that she never gets out of prison now,” she added. - This is the worst thing for me. I tremble at the very thought.”

In addition to the murder of Alla Alekseenko, Nasyrova is also suspected of killing the owners of the 2-room apartment. The property Nasyrova assigned after the murder is supposed to have been recently sold.

Fled on forged documents

According to the US Immigration Service, Nasyrova moved to Mexico in 2014, and from there to New York. She used fake documents for immigration.

Victoria could have fled to any country and any city, but she chose Brooklyn, where the daughter of the murdered woman lived. Having learned of the whereabouts of her mother's alleged killer some time before her arrest, Nadezhda - in fear for her life - moved to Queens.

"I was afraid. “I’m still afraid,” said Nadezhda NY Post earlier.

“It’s unbearable to know that you live next to a person who took everything from you,” she said. “God forbid someone should live in this agony, know and understand that the woman who killed your mother walks around enjoying life in the same city as you.”

Photo: Facebook / Vi Na

Victoria Nasyrova. Photo: Facebook / Vi Na

In written testimony filed with the US Immigration Court, Ford wrote that Nasyrova was a neighbor of her mother and, presumably, a friend. Unemployed and desperate for cash, she conceived the murder after learning that Alekseenko had received more than $ 52 thousand for selling her mother’s house in Krasnodar, Russia.

Victoria tried to eliminate Alekseenko's roommate, Yevgeny Shabalin. To embroil a woman with a close friend and get closer with her, Victoria sent Alla a message from an unknown number.

“On September 24, 2014, my mother received a text message saying that she was in danger and that Shabalin was a scammer who wanted to take her money and apartment,” Ford wrote in the affidavit.

“The [phone] number was later traced,” she said. “On the day of the anonymous text message, it was recorded in the exact places where Nasyrova lived.”

Nasyrova spent months trying to separate Shabalina and Alekseenko, and in the end, she did it.

“Nasyrova spoke poorly of all of my mother’s friends in the months leading up to the murder and manipulated my mother into keeping her away from everyone,” Ford said. On October 5, the alleged killer began to act.

“I couldn’t reach my mom that Sunday,” Ford told the publication. NY Post. “I called her millions of times. But the phone was switched off. I couldn't understand why. Over the past 8 years she almost always answered. We talked often. She kept the phone close to her."

A few days after Alekseenko went missing, her son and daughter began receiving messages from unknown numbers, allegedly from their mother, in which she asked not to look for her because she was happy.

During a search of Alekseenko’s house, the children discovered a shortage of $ 17 in thousands of cash and jewelry. There were also no documents on the ownership, some identification numbers and bank details.

Records of telephone conversations showed that Nasyrova was the last with whom Alekseeva spoke.

The woman’s remains were discovered a month later - in a village near Nasyrova’s hometown. Ford identified the mother through dental records.

“All that’s left is the skull and bones,” she said. “No legs or left arm... I couldn’t believe it.”

It is not yet known how Alekseenko was killed. Road cameras captured Nasyrov with the lifeless body of a woman in the front seat of an 5 car in October.

“Nasyrova was shown the footage, but she kept repeating that she was alone in the car,” Ford wrote in the affidavit, adding that the suspect later failed a lie detector test.

When Russian investigators came to accuse Nasyrova, she had already left the country. She was immediately charged with first-degree murder on November 14, 2014, and issued a federal arrest warrant. A month later, Interpol began the search.

The investigation slowed down due to sexual relations with a policeman.

While investigators around the world were trying to find Nasyrov, the Russian investigation was stymied by a police officer who had a relationship with a suspect. It was he, as is openly announced now, who was holding back investigative efforts.

A local officer admitted: “I had sex with her, but only after she killed Alla.”

After this information, the police were removed from the case.

After the alleged murder, Nasyrova, as police have already confirmed, fled to Mexico and then to New York - using fake passports to sneak into the country undetected.

“She had lived in Brooklyn since November 2014,” Ford said.

Instead of lurking, she posted on Facebook her photos in fur coats in Manhattan.

Photo: Facebook / Vi Na

Photo: Facebook / Vi Na

She published the last photo literally several hours before her arrest.

Photo: Facebook / Vi Na

Photo: Facebook / Vi Na

Nasyrova was an active participant in one of the most popular communities among Russian-speaking women in the United States - the Russian Mom USA group. After information about Victoria’s arrest hit the press, it caused a shock reaction from those who communicated with the woman.

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Familiar in social networks immediately began to actively share memories of the posts of Victoria:

In early March of this year, she was found by a New York private detective Herman Weisberg, a former police officer. He used information about Nasyrova on Facebook and, when he established her place of residence, he told his former colleagues.

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