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In New York, started a lottery for the rental of low-cost apartments

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On Friday, 26 in January, the lottery of affordable apartments starts at a price of $ 833 per month in the center of Brooklyn.

The lottery participates in 29 apartments on 86 Fleet Place, in the newly built 32-storey tower on Myrtle Avenue. These include 9 studio apartments, 13 one bedroom apartments, 6 two bedroom apartments and 1 two bedroom apartments.

A studio apartment will be available for $ 895 per month for single residents with income from $ 32640 to $ 38100 per year or families with a total annual income of $ 32640-43500.

Two bedroom apartments will be available for $ 1082 per month:

- a family of 2 people with a total income of $ 39086 to $ 43500 per year;

- for a family of 3 people with an income of $ 39086 - $ 48960 per year;

- a family of 4 with a total income of $ 39086 - $ 54360 per year.

Two-bedroom apartments will be available for $ 1 247 per month:

- a family of 3 people with a total income of $ 45326 - $ 48960 per year;

- for a family of 4 people with an income of $ 45326 - $ 54360 per year;

- a family of 5 people with a total income of $ 45326 - $ 58740 per year;

- a family of 6 people with an income of $ 45326 - $ 63060 per year.

The building has a gym, a hall for gala evenings, a children's playroom, parking, a laundry room and a playground on the roof of the building.

The building has 440 apartments, and the first floor is reserved for trading companies.

Half of the preferential apartments will be given to those who live in Downtown Brooklyn, DUMBO, Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Boerum Hill, Vinegar Hill and Brooklyn Heights.

Those interested must submit an online application form before 28 March or send it by mail: Red Apple 86 Fleet Place Development, LLC c / o St. Nicks Alliance, Jennings Hall, 260 Powers Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211.

To download the application, click here .

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