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Spring Opening Day will be held in New York

card-12-anons20 April International Art Alliance presents the second exhibition of the works of 11 talented creative individuals, members of the Alliance. Their works differ in style, technique and concept. But the artists themselves are similar in their passionate desire to convey through the prism of deeply personal perception the entire spectrum of the diversity of the world filled with vivid emotions, unbridled fantasies and incredible ideas.

Collected in one exposition of the work are interesting because each of the artists explores and conveys themes of femininity, revival and longing passion, writes Elegant new york.

Yes, the exhibition will focus on the Passion of renewal and revival.

Update what?

That everyone decides for himself. Perhaps - himself and his world. Perhaps all that fills us with energy, nourishes our feelings, thoughts, gives impetus to inspiration and creativity.

What becomes the source and medium of creativity?

Fantasy or reality, dialectic or metaphysics, erotic or romanticism, logic or chance - each has his own. In this lies the mystery of art and creation. This mystery International Art Alliance dedicates an exhibition The ardor of spring.

All artists represented by 20 on April, with the exception of debutants 2, constantly participate in prestigious international exhibitions and presentations, their works are in many private collections around the world.

Please note that all the works presented at the exhibition can be purchased at a price significantly lower than normal, because exhibition organizers do not charge commission.


The exposition is divided into 3 sections, each of which is given a separate segment of the exhibition space.

The first section is a symbiosis of fashion and art.

work Katya Leonovich (Katya Leonovich) will welcome visitors to the exposition. Leonovich - famous Italian and American fashion designer and artist. Pictures from different cycles of the author and designer clothes from several recent collections, which equally can be considered as clothing and art-objects, will be presented.


Leonovich is a famous artist with a distinctive colorist, the author of interesting figurative and abstract painting. Her paintings and her design work are often shown and sometimes bought by collectors together. The ardor of spring will not be an exception.

The first section of the exhibition space also presents works by the jewelry designer. Kira Koktysh (Kira Koktysh)which invests in each of its products not only mastery, fantasy and soul, but also a deep poetic and philosophical meaning. 20 April Kira will present a new collection Amethyst Delusion Spring / Summer 2017, Botanical Metamorphoses.


The second section is modern painting and graphics.

It is given to very interesting and fashionable in New York artists who create their works in a fantasy, abstract manner, using the original author's techniques.

Konstantin Bokov (Konstantin Bokov) - "The Legend of New York", "People's Artist of New York", so called this master "New York Times". A genius living among us, but a rare exhibitor. The artist is not of this world, not looking for fame and recognition, but generously giving the audience his talent and kindness. His work collects collectors and art dealers around the world.


Elena Lejen and Elena Iosilevich take part in expositions for the second time International Art Alliance. Great feeling lines and colors are inherent in both artists.

work Yelena Lezhen (Elena Lejeune) - these are romantic and tender fairy tales and dreams, which fascinate with their color range, multi-layered plot and, of course, sincerity and beauty. In addition, for the first time, Elena Lejeune will present her artistic photographs.

Work Elena Iosilevich (Elena Iosilevich) there is a powerful energy and erotic virtuoso curve and audacious power of graphic figures. The exhibition will exhibit many new works by the author.

Olga Dmytrenko (Olga Dmitrenko)- the master lines and the colors created by her abstract compositions are filled with an internal melody, they are harmonious, emotional and attractive by the original author's style. Almost all the works written specifically for our spring exposure.

The third section is a surprise for the audience and a ground for reflection for art critics and producers.

Lana lanetta - for the first time shows his work to the public. Her work is difficult to attribute to any genre of art. She "composes" incredible costumes, creating them from the most unexpected things. Then he puts it on himself, forms the image and captures it all in the photo. That photos are the ultimate art object of her work.


The Ardor of Spring - this is a debut Lana lanetta. I'm sure for many of her works will be a revelation and the beginning of a new love.

Oksana Tanasiv (Oksana Tenasiv) - artist from the world of fashion. Her exhibits have become a tradition on New york couture fashion week. Initially, her style was close to pop art, but over time she modified and expanded it, enriching it with her artistic personality. The exhibition presents works from two series Reincarnation и Fashion Illustrations.

The third section also presents the work of the wizard using different embroidery techniques, Larisa Shamuradova (Larisa Shamuradova). This is her debut before the general public. Her products are sometimes mistaken for antique rarities of the Victorian era. In her works she uses precious metals, pearls, semiprecious stones, beads, leather, fur.


Combine all the exhibition space of the sculptors Ella Kogan (Ella Kogan) and Emil silberman (Emil Silberman), placed around the perimeter of the hall.

Expressive plastic works Ella Kogan exposes the duality of human nature, extracting inner turmoil, fears, flaws and, at the same time, true nobility, freedom and love from under the external image, saying that fragility and strength are inseparable. The master works only in bronze.

Emil silberman, using various ways of expression, constantly enriching his own technique and expanding the stylistic framework, both in gypsum sculpture and multimedia installations, it always remains true to convey human emotions and thoughts most fully and vividly, encouraging the viewer to sincere dialogue through the prism of art .


In addition, the exhibition will be presented jewelry trading house Elita Charm Jewelry, products of which can be purchased at their stand in the exhibition hall. Elit Charme Collection - These are stylish, high-quality, original jewelry. Many of them are made of silver 925 and gold 14KT with precious and semi-precious stones.


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