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In poor condition, but for $ 3,6 million: in New York, Paul Manafort’s apartment is sold. A PHOTO

The apartment was one of several properties that were lent as part of a plea bargain by the former head of the election campaign of President Donald Trump.

Photo: screenshot

A condo in Soho, linked to former President Donald Trump's campaign manager Paul Manafort - one of several Manafort New York estates seized by the federal government as part of a plea agreement - is now available for purchase.

The apartment located at: 29 Howard Street is for sale. US Marshals Service sells condos for $ 3,663 million

Manafort claims that the apartment was the main residence of his daughter, but in fact she was renting out on Airbnb. Manafort bought an apartment in 2012, with funds that, according to federal agents, he received from lobbying interests of the pro-Russian parties in Ukraine.

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In the description of the property on StreetEasy it is stated that the apartment has recently replaced the floor, having laid out a new one from whole walnut, replaced the central air conditioner, installed a new kitchen with natural stone and stainless steel finish, installed a new bathroom. About the former owner in the announcement of the sale is not mentioned.

Specifying the name of Manafort would hardly have a positive impact on the chances of housing on the market, says one of the New York brokers. He added that the condition of the apartment does not quite match the competitive conditions of sale in the posh Manhattan market.

“It is good, livable, but it will take a little work on it,” said broker Ari Harkov.




The property is one of five apartments owned by Manafor in the area, and one and three, found during the 2017 investigation of the year. Then the feds faced a curious picture when Manafort bought a house for cash using a front company that transferred property to his possession for free.

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This model is not considered completely illegal, but current and former law enforcement officials said that it “deserves careful study” and corresponds to the model used in money laundering.

Manafort passed four of his New York houses, including an apartment on Howard Street, at the end of 2018, as part of a plea bargain reached during an investigation by special prosecutor Robert Muller, who studied the details of Russia's interference with the US presidential election in 2016.

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