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In New York, immigrants can get free legal assistance in their native language

The City Hall of New York announced the launch of a new project ActionNYC, which will allow illegal immigrants in their native language to receive the necessary legal services free of charge and safely in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens.


Acting Commissioner Bitt Mosfi of the Immigrant Mayor’s Office Announced Expansion ActionNYC to provide additional immigration legal services for the population most in need, and in their language.

ActionNYC, the city’s main program, which provides free and safe immigration legal services, has allocated almost $ 700 000 to six community organizations and law firms to finance additional services throughout the city.

The services are expected to start in late spring / early summer 2018.

Organizations receiving funding:

  • Council of Peoples Organization (COPO)
  • Chhaya Community Development Corporation (Chhaya CDC)
  • Korean Community Services (KCS)
  • Lutheran Social Services of Metropolitan New York (LSSNY)
  • Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC)
  • New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG)

Through these new partners services ActionNYC will be provided around Kensington and Midwood in Brooklyn, Chinatown in Manhattan, as well as in Bayside, Flushing and Jackson Heights in Queens.

“We made the largest local investment in immigrant legal services in the state because we know our neighbors are threatened by the Trump administration,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said. “By working with community organizations, we can connect with immigrants on the local sites they visit frequently and reach more in need.”

“Based on our partnerships with community organizations, ActionNYC will fill gaps on the ground and provide services to immigrants from New York in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens, ”said Acting Commissioner Bitta Mostofi of City Hall for Immigrants.

«ActionNYC “Is a vital program that demonstrates our commitment to protecting immigrants from New York,” said Councilor Carlos Menchaca, Chairman of the Committee on Immigration. "Immigration legal services are needed now more than ever given federal policy threatens to divide families."

3,1 has millions of immigrants living in New York, and threats to programs such as DACA and TPS, as well as increased immigration raids, have dramatically increased the need for free and reliable immigration legal services.

“The best way to provide much-needed legal aid to immigrant communities is to provide these services directly to the people who need it most,” said Councilor Jumane Williams. "I want to thank the City Hall for Immigrant Affairs for helping me with legal aid."

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