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A bright meteorite flashed in the night sky over the USA: report from social networks

A bright meteorite illuminated the night sky of the Midwestern United States and got on numerous videos of excited residents and video surveillance cameras.

Photo: video frame

The American meteorite community says it received more than 120 messages from eight states from people who noticed the phenomenon on Monday night, reports TSN.

Most of the messages come from Missouri, but the meteorite was also reported by residents of Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Nevada, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Wisconsin.

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As told in the meteorite community, it was a car - a meteorite that is brighter than Venus. This is a rather rare occurrence.

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Its supposed trajectory ran from east to west, and a visible flight ended above North Carolina.

The appearance of the fireball occurred at the approximate peak of the Taurid meteor shower. This starfall is usually one of the weakest of the year.

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