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Russian attack found in San Bernardino attacks

Senator James Risch spoke about new defendants in the shooting of civilians in San Bernardino. They turned out to be 25-year-old Maria Chernykh - a native of Russia who immigrated to the USA, and her sister Tatyana Chernykh.

TV channel ABC claims that the weapon from which the couple, Tashfin Malik and Said Faruka, shot 14 people at a social service center in the south of San Bernardino was bought by Maria Chernykh, who lives in California. From Russia to the USA she immigrated in 2009.

The federal authorities (FBI) reported that Tatyana Chernykh lived in San Bernardino, who is the sister of Maria Chernoy and the wife of the brother of the shooter, Said Rakhil Farouk. Tatiana worked as a seller of accessories for mobile phones in the salon in the shopping center Montebello. One time, Mary worked for her.

Maria Chernykh came to the United States on a guest visa. She decided to stay in the country and for this she married 24-year-old Enrique Marquez. Authorities are confident that Enrique planned to commit a terrorist attack in California back in 2012 year. Said Rakhil Farouk became the financial guarantor of the couple, Maria and Marquez.

The federal authorities are confident that their union is a scam. They came to this conclusion after talking with friends and relatives of the couple, as well as after analyzing information on social networks.

Federal Bureau of Investigation found a photo of Maria Chernykh with another man - Oscar Romero. In many photos they are captured with the child.

Information was leaked to the press that the feds had been to Marquez's house in the Crown. They arrived there the day after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino and turned everything upside down. Journalists found Marquez in a mental hospital in Long Beach.

It is still unknown how Marquez could buy weapons in his name that shot people in San Bernardino. It also remains an open question how the Russians have to do with terrorist acts.

However, neither Marquez nor Blacks have yet been detained.

Since Maria Chernykh and Tashfin Malik entered the country with the help of a bride visa, politicians demand tightening visa rules.

Earlier, "Forum" wrote that on December 3 Malik and Farouk coolly killed in San Bernardino, 14 unarmed people and wounded more than two dozen more. They tried to escape, but were killed in an exchange of fire with the police pursuing them.

During a search of the couple’s house was found a significant amount of firearms and ammunition; and 12 improvised explosive devices.

The director of the FBI, James Komi, said that the couple, who had fired at San Bernardino, were fond of the ideas of radical Islam before they met each other.

Как сообщает Citing officials close to the investigation, CNN's attacker Tashfin Malik posted a video on Facebook in which she stated that she was swearing allegiance to the Islamic State terrorist organization.

According to him, Tashfin Malik and Said Rizvan Faruk discussed jihad and religious martyrdom on the Muslim dating website back in 2013 year.

Farouk with absolute confidence He claimedthat in a couple of years Israel will not be, because this is what the main world powers - the United States, Russia and China want. And the Jews will move from there to Ukraine.

In the U.S. murder shooting нападение San bernardino Islamic domination Farooq

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