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In Michigan, a pizza delivery truck drove 640 km for a dying customer

Dalton Schaffer, manager of Steve's Pizza in Michigan, drove more than 200 miles (321 km) to Indiana to deliver his favorite pizza to an incurable patient.

Photo: facebook /Julie morgan

The story on Facebook was described in detail by Julie Morgan, whose husband Rich Morgan recently learned about the death sentence after a long battle with cancer.

“I am overwhelmed by this act of genuine kindness,” wrote Julie Morgan.

She remembered a time (25 years ago) when they lived in Battle Creek, Michigan, and Steve's Pizza was a staple in their diet.

The couple wanted to return to Battle Creek, but Rich heard the heartbreaking news: his fight against cancer "came to an end."

Julie Morgan's father turned to Steve's Pizza, whether someone from the store can send a “friendly text or a card”, since pizza delivery is out of the question.

18-year-old Shaffer headed south to Indianapolis and got to the couple's home near 2: 30 mornings with “two extra pizzas”.

“Dalton brought so much joy to our family and the best pizza in the world at a very difficult time,” said Julie Morgan. Although the word "thank you" is unlikely to seem adequate. But from the bottom of my heart: "Thanks to Dalton of Steve's Pizza in Battle Creek for making this epic pizza delivery in the middle of the night!"

Julia Morgan said that her father offered Schaffer to stay at the hotel for the night, "but he refused and immediately went to home because he had to work the next day."

“I was just really upset about their situation,” Shaffer Maeve said.

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