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There is no Harry Potter in Mexico, and Carolinas in Iceland: what names are banned in different countries and why

According to the data, there are many government bans on different names for children around the world. SiLive.

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No matter how strange the word may seem, there is a chance that at some point someone thought that it would make a beautiful name for a child. And while you may shake your head and wonder what they were thinking when they decided to name their son "IMac", in Australia they can't do that. The name is not allowed there.

Journalism data site Stacker has scoured hundreds of baby name databases and news outlets to compile a list of names that are illegal in every country in the world and explain why they are banned.

Sometimes a little creativity leads to beautiful, unique names, but sometimes thinking outside the box can have consequences, as Stacker discovered.

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However, according to the site, not all laws make sense.

Adolf Gitler: Germany, Malaysia, Mexico and New Zealand.

  • Name meaning: The name of the leader of Nazi Germany.
  • Reason for ban: offensive.

Akuma: Japan.

  • Name meaning: devil.
  • The reason for the ban: Japanese officials sought to protect the child from ridicule.

Amir: Saudi Arabia.

  • Name meaning: prince.
  • Reason for the ban: Saudi citizens cannot give their children names related to the royal family.

bonghead: Australia.

  • Name Meaning: One can only assume it means someone with a water pipe for a head.
  • Reason for ban: offensive.

Caroline: Iceland.

  • Name meaning: free man.
  • Reason for the ban: There is no "s" in the Icelandic alphabet.

Cyanide: United Kingdom.

  • Name meaning: deadly poison.
  • Reason for the ban: the nickname may harm the child in the future.

Facebook: Sonora, Mexico.

  • Name meaning: social network and website.
  • Reason for ban: Mexican state bans names "that don't make sense".

Gesher: Norway.

  • Name meaning: bridge.
  • Reason for ban: He is not on the list of names approved by the Norwegian government.

God: Victoria, Australia.

  • Name meaning: omnipotent being.
  • Reason for ban: Several names that are clearly related to religion are banned.

Harry Potter: Sonora, Mexico.

  • Name Meaning: "Harry" comes from the German "heri" or "army", but the name is more closely related to the fictional wizard from Rowling's novels.
  • Reason for ban: It can cause embarrassment and bullying.

III: California.

  • Name meaning: three or third.
  • Reason for the ban: It's inherently confusing.

Ikea: Australia.

  • Name meaning: Swedish furniture supermarket chain.
  • Reason for ban: Not suitable for a child's name.

iMac: Australia.

  • Name meaning: desktop computer made by Apple.
  • Reason for ban: This is an item, not a person's name.

Linda: Saudi Arabia.

  • Name meaning: soft, gentle; beautiful.
  • Reason for the ban: foreign.

Lucia: California.

  • Name meaning: graceful light.
  • Reason for ban: The use of diacritics and special characters is prohibited in California.

Lucifer: New Zealand.

  • Name meaning: devil.
  • Reason for ban: It's humiliating.

Malek: Saudi Arabia.

  • Name meaning: king.
  • Reason for ban: This title is reserved exclusively for members of the royal family.

Messi: Rosario, Argentina.

  • The meaning of the name: the surname of the legendary football player Lionel Messi.
  • Reason for the ban: Surnames cannot be used as given names.

Nutella: France.

  • Name meaning: popular chocolate hazelnut spread.
  • The reason for the ban: too similar to the famous food.

Osama bin Laden: Germany.

  • Name meaning: The name of the former leader of Al-Qaeda.
  • Reason for ban: offensive.

Pluto: Denmark.

  • Name Meaning: Possibly the most famous dwarf planet in the universe.
  • Reason for ban: inappropriate.

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Sarah: Morocco.

  • Name meaning: pure, happy; a princess.
  • Reason for ban: Not traditionally Moroccan.

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