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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
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In Miami, the man accused of robbery recognized a classmate as a judge. Video

Photo: video frame

Photo: video frame

In a Florida Miami court, the defendant accused of robbery burst into tears when he unexpectedly found out in a judge his former girlfriend in school.

A curious "meeting of old friends," one of whom became a judge and the other ended up in the dock, took place on Tuesday last week in a Miami-Dade County court. The issue of the arrest of 49-year-old African American Arthur Booth, who is suspected of major theft and robbery, was considered there.

Bout was detained by police officers in the city of Hialei 29 June. That day he drove a Honda car painted gold. This car was declared wanted after the robbery. During the chase, Booth made two accidents before he had an accident and crashed a car. He tried to escape from the law enforcement officers, but was caught.

Judge Mindy Glazer, who is a White American, was preliminarily hearing the case. She suddenly asked the defendant an irrelevant question. "Tell me, Mr. Booth, did you go to Nautilus School?"

In the next moment, Arthur recognized his old acquaintance in the judge. At first he smiled and exclaimed “Oh my God!”. Then the defendant lost his composure and burst into tears.

As Judge Glazer explained, in high school, Arthur Booth was the nicest student Mindy was friends with. “I used to play football with him. And look what happened, ”she added.

“I am sorry that I met you here. I have repeatedly asked myself why this happened to you ”, - said Judge Glazer to a school friend in the dock.

As the cousin of the suspect, Melissa Miller, said, Arthur Booth could have achieved great success in life, given his potential. But everything was ruined by addiction to drugs and a criminal lifestyle.

“I remember how smart and exemplary he was,” Miller added. According to her, Arthur excelled in various sports, and also spoke two languages.

“Good luck sir. I hope that you will get out and be able to live in accordance with the law, ”Judge Glazer admonished the defendant. Expressing all sympathy to Booth, she nevertheless authorized his arrest with the right to be released on bail of 44 thousand dollars.

A video with an unusual dialogue between the judge and the defendant gained more than eight million views on the Internet in a few days.

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