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COVID-19 Test Passes: How It Works in Los Angeles

In the state of California, in Los Angeles, every resident can take a test for COVID-19, regardless of whether he has symptoms or not, writes "Voice of America".

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In the city, several dozens of test points were opened, where you can do the test for free.

Ukrainian Svetlana Vidzhinovsky works as a family psychologist in Los Angeles. The woman has no symptoms of the disease, but she wanted to find out if she could have an asymptomatic form of coronavirus infection. Since the city authorities announced that all residents can pass the COVID-19 test, Svetlana decided to take this opportunity.

To do this, you had to send a request to the official website - there you can choose the date, time and place.

“I registered for this test in two minutes,” said Svetlana.

“Hold a confirmation document in your hands and continue moving in this direction,” the volunteer addresses Svetlana.

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At the so-called test points, you don’t need to get out of the car and you can maintain a social distance, here everything happens according to strict rules. Volunteers guide people.

Svetlana has 20 minutes to watch the video briefing twice. Next, volunteers ask her to open a window. An employee with a dough is approaching the car.

- Your name?

- Svetlana Vidzhinovsky.

- Have you seen the briefing?

- Yes I Am.

We drive to the next volunteer - and he shows that it is time to take the analysis.

First you need to cough 5 times. Next - hold a cotton swab in the oral cavity and lower it into a test tube. After that, the volunteer asks to put the test tube in a bag. The next step is to hand over the package. Here, everything also happens in compliance with safety measures: the test is taken with special sticks, tongs, without any contact, put in a special urn and wish you a good day.

“The impressions are very positive. Everyone was amazingly friendly, ”Svetlana shares her impressions.

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Although they promised to send the result of the analysis in 3 days, Svetlana waited for him for a week. Finally, the long-awaited answer comes - there is no coronavirus.

Now there are more than 40 such points in Los Angeles, on average, they do 21000 tests per day.

“The result is negative. First off, it's free. Secondly, it is easy to register, we waited a little in line, but this is normal. Now I have received a test and an apology for not being sent on time. Everything is very easy and pleasant, ”says Svetlana.

In the U.S. Los Angeles coronavirus Special Projects coronavirus test

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