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ICE holds illegal immigrant from Uzbekistan for two years: rally in Connecticut held in support of it

More than a dozen people gathered in front of the Immigration and Customs Board (ICE) in Hartford to protest the almost two-year detention of an illegal Uzbek immigrant from Connecticut, writes Hartford Courant.

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Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin joined Bahodir Madzhitov's wife and others to support an Uzbek immigrant and father of three children who are US citizens.

“I have been living with constant pain after bone fractures since my third child was born. I can’t work and live peacefully, ”his wife Madina Madzhitova said at a rally.

“I don’t think I can provide our children with a normal life without my husband,” she added.

Diana Blank, one of the Uzbek immigrant's lawyers, said that her client initially had a final deportation order no later than December 2. Now it is not clear how soon they will be able to deport him.

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“He has no criminal history, no charges of committing any offense. They simply claim that he has an expulsion order, and he has expired his visa, ”the wife said.

According to Blank, Bahodir arrived in the United States in 2006. In 2010, he married her. Form is now a US citizen. After the expiration of his visa, her husband sought asylum, but he was refused.

According to the lawyer, Bakhodir is now in the ICE detention center in Alabama.

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At the rally, 7-year-old son of the Madzhitov Muhammad spoke. He requested the ICE to release his father.

Immigration officers detained Bahodir on 22 on December 2017, a week before his wife was due to give birth to her third child.
“The youngest never saw his father, and he poses no threat to anyone,” said Mayor Bronin.

“This is crazy, so we got together today to ask the ICE to let Bakhodir go back to his family. The trial will continue, but let him go home to these beautiful children. Let this little boy hug his father for the first time in his life, ”he added.

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