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COVID-19 outbreak at Trump Club: institution accused of neglect of security measures

“Since some of our employees have recently tested positive for COVID-19, we are temporarily suspending service at the beach club and à la carte dining,” a Mar-a-Lago Florida employee said in a recent email. Writes about it People.

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The Donald Trump Club is experiencing an outbreak of COVID-19, which has sparked outrage from one local lawmaker.

“It's clear to me that people in Mar-a-Lago are unceremonious and negligent about wearing masks,” says state spokesman Omari Hardy, who unsuccessfully tried to close the club in January.

AP reported on Friday, March 19 that a coronavirus outbreak had occurred among "some of the employees" at Mar-a-Lago, a private club in Palm Beach, Florida, where Trump lives. The club's services were partially suspended.

“We have already taken all necessary response measures in accordance with CDC recommendations, including thorough sanitization and cleaning of all affected areas and all club premises, and we will continue our enhanced cleaning regime,” the club said in an email.

The email said that the banquet and event facilities are still open.

“Out of caution, we have quarantined some workers and closed part of the club for a short period of time,” a Trump Organization spokeswoman said on March 19.

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The newspaper said there are dozens of employees at the club during the winter season, although the Trump Organization did not say how many people were affected by the outbreak.

“Since restaurant and beach club food are not available, we cannot go about our normal business,” a club member told People. "I hope it won't last long, but it's better to play it safe."

Mar-a-Lago was known as one of the places potentially at risk of the coronavirus outbreak after Trump snapped a photo with a Brazilian official during a competition there last March. The club has faced criticism for not complying with COVID-19 warning rules and hosting several events, including a New Year's party, which Hardy filed a complaint about earlier this year.

Sources on social media Mar-a-Lago report that the club approaches safety during the pandemic as calmly as the surrounding city - and many in Trump's White House. Social distancing and the wearing of masks are often ignored.

“You would never know that there was a pandemic in Palm Beach,” says one source.

Some of the regulars stayed on the sidelines and did not come to the club at all.

Rep. Hardy says he first became concerned about the club's rules "after seeing a video of a New Year's Eve party from Mar-a-Lago with unmasked guests."

“I was worried about the workers,” he says. "They deserve to work in a safe environment."

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“The staff wear masks and wash their hands, but the club's management does not require guests to comply with CDC rules,” says Hardy. "Essentially, they allow guests to endanger the health of workers."

Palm Beach County has a requirement that all guests must wear masks if they are not eating or drinking, says Hardy, but he believes that "it must be difficult to ask guests to wear masks."

“I'm just worried about doing the right thing,” he adds. - Guests of Mar-a-Lago believe they have the right to endanger the health of others. It is important to protect everyone. "

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