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An American University will open in Kiev: a historical building was given for it

The river station in Kiev was leased to an American university for 10 years, reports "New time".

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The river station in Kiev was leased to a new educational institution American University Kiev (AYUK). The project was created in partnership with the University of Arizona (ASU) and presented at the end of June this year.

The lease agreement was concluded with the participation of the team of the consulting firm Colliers Ukraine, writes Interfax-Ukraine.

Lease agreement for the building of the River Station with an area of ​​7,7 thousand sq. m signed for 10 years.

“The world-class university American University Kyiv plans to simultaneously train 2-3 thousand students,” said Managing Director of Colliers Ukraine Alexander Nosachenko.

The new university was presented in June of this year. A number of investors were attracted to the project, both from the Ukrainian and American sides. The American side is represented by the former special representative of the US State Department for Ukraine Kurt Volker, who also took part in the presentation.

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It is expected that after the restoration of the historic building, the university will be able to accept the first students next year.

The river station on the Postal Square in Kiev was built in 1961. It is a monument of urban planning and architecture, monumental art (Security number 971-Kv).

“American University Kyiv” will open in the Ukrainian capital in 2022 - American University, writes «Radio Svoboda».

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It is expected that the university will accept its first students in the 2022-2023 academic year. What opportunities will Ukrainian students and Ukrainian higher educational institutions get from this?

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The US Embassy in Ukraine tweeted the opening of an American higher education institution in Kiev and noted that this would contribute to the development of education in Ukraine.

According to him, young people who want to get a Western-style education, but do not have the opportunity to go to study abroad, will soon be able to implement it in Kiev.

According to Kurt Volcker, Arizona State University, which is the best institution for innovation, ahead of Stanford and Harvard, will help bring this idea to fruition. It has great opportunities to attract new students.

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