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A man in a medieval costume armed with a sword attacks passers-by in Canada

At least two people were killed and five were injured in an armed attack in Quebec, Canada. Police said the attacker was wearing a medieval costume and armed with a sword. Details of the unusual tragic incident were told by the publication with the BBC.

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Despite the fact that the suspect was eventually arrested, local residents are still advised not to leave the house and to lock the doors while the police establish all the circumstances of the incident.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted: "My heart mourns with the loved ones of those killed in the horrific attack last night in Quebec."

“I also wish full recovery for the wounded. We think about you and will remain mentally close to all of you, ”added Trudeau.

He also thanked the emergency services for their important work.


The victims were 56-year-old François Duchenne and 61-year-old Suzanne Clermont. Four men, aged 19 to 67, and a 24-year-old woman were also injured. NDTV.

The police chief said two of the victims were longtime residents of Quebec. According to him, some of the victims received "serious wounds."

Anne Pasquier, a hairdresser, a neighbor of one of the victims said that the woman did not have time to cross the street, "the suspect caught and beheaded her."

According to three witnesses, the attacker "cut the throat" of his first victim near the Chateau Frontenac, and there was "a lot of blood." The man then walked down the rue de Ruempart, where he killed the second man, and then headed to the Old Port, injuring other victims.

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“She was a wonderful person. She had a great sense of humor, ”added 82-year-old Jean-Pierre Ajmo, a friend of the murdered woman.

Duchenne was the head of the communications department at the Musée des Beaux-Arts of Quebec.

Quebec Mayor Regis Labom called the incident "horrific" but insisted the city was "one of the safest in the world."


Local police said on Twitter that there are no signs at this time that the suspect may have had any other motives other than personal.

The attack took place on Saturday, October 31, near Parliament Hill in the old town. The first reports of the incident came around 22:30 local time.

At a press conference on Sunday, November 1, Quebec Police Chief Robert Pigeon said the man had come to French-speaking Quebec from the suburbs of Montreal with the intention of killing as many people as possible.

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The investigation believes that the attack was premeditated, but its victims were accidental.

Police said the suspect spoke of a similar attack "in a medical context" five years ago, but he was not known to the police, was not seen as having ties to terrorist groups, and has no criminal record.

The newspaper Le Soleil, published in Quebec, wrote that at the time of the arrest the suspect was lying on the ground, without shoes and in a state of hypothermia. According to the newspaper, he offered no resistance to the arrest.

After being detained near the Espace 400e exhibition center, the man was sent to the hospital for an assessment of his health. According to preliminary data, the attacker is about 25 years old, his identity has not yet been revealed. He will face two charges of murder and five more charges of attempted murder.

Local media believe that this is Carl Girouard, a person with mental health problems from the suburbs of Montreal.

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