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In a California zoo put 150-year-old turtle to sleep

Photo: pixabay.com

Photo: pixabay.com

Veterinarians at the San Diego Zoo had to euthanize a Galapagos tortoise named “Quick.” The animal was 150 years old, one of the oldest inhabitants of this zoo.

In recent years, Bystroy's health has deteriorated. He began to suffer from many illnesses, and attacks of arthritis caused him especially severe suffering. The veterinarians did everything they could. The turtle was treated with medications, physical therapy, hydrotherapy, and even tried acupuncture. But “Bystry” was getting worse. It was decided not to torture the turtle and euthanize it.

“Fast” was born in 1865, and he came to the San Diego Zoo in 1933 under a program that was supposed to preserve the endangered species of Galapagos tortoises.

At the moment, there are still 13 turtles of this species left in the zoo. Over the course of their lives, they, including “Bystry,” became the parents of 90 turtles. They all went to zoos in different countries of the world.


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