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Rare white dolphin spotted in California: there are only three of them in the world

An almost white dolphin, nicknamed Casper, is either an albino or a leucist. He reappeared in Monterey Bay (California). Read more about this publication People.

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Risso's dolphin (grey dolphin) is a rare marine mammal. This species is known for its round face and is commonly found south of the Gulf of California. It was first discovered in 2014, and marine biologists believe Casper is either albino or leucistic, both of which cause loss of pigment in skin and hair in both humans and animals. But no one knows which one Casper has.

Albinos can be distinguished from leucists because the former have red eyes while the latter do not. Until someone sees Casper's eyes - an almost impossible feat - his exact genetic mutation remains a mystery.

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There are only three completely white Risso dolphins known in the world, and Casper is one of them. The Monterey Bay whale watching team has spotted Casper before, first in 2014, and recently spotted the famous dolphin swimming among a pod of more than 25 tribesmen on April 1000.

“Every day spent in the company of this special dolphin is a good day,” wrote The Monterey Bay Whale Watch in an April 26 Facebook post with images of white fins sticking out of the water.

Fans of Kasper filled the comment section of the post, and one of them wrote: "I really hope to see Kasper one day."

Another supported him: "Very glad to see Kasper."

Video footage of Casper's latest Monterey Bay Whale Watch encounter shows the animal swimming smoothly along with several other dolphins.

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Casper is known all over the world, but he is a real local celebrity.

“Our company first noticed Casper in August 2014 when he was a cub, so he is probably about nine years old now,” a spokesman for Monterey Bay Whale Watch said. “We were the ones who determined his gender as male. We see him intermittently throughout the year, and he only shows up here in Monterey Bay."

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