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Flintston's home for sale in California

In California, the famous Flintstown house was put up for sale. Building area 220 square. m was built atop a hill near San Francisco 39 years ago. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. For real estate expected to gain $ 4,2 million.

“Many of you have seen this house on the 280 highway for many years. Now you have the opportunity not only to see how the house looks from the inside, but also to become its owner, ”real estate agents said.

The building was designed by architect William Nicholson in 1976. Unofficially, it became known as the "Flintstones' house" - in honor of the cartoon about a family that lived in the Stone Age, reports USA Today.

In the winter of this year, another so-called Flintstown house was sold to Malibu. In 2012, it was put on sale by American TV host Dick Clark. The cost of housing was $ 3,5 million, it surprisingly combined modern technology and natural materials. From there, views of the Serrano Valley, the mountains, the Channel Islands and the Pacific Ocean.

Earlier in Beverly Hills, Jackie Chan's house was sold. In 1998, he acquired a luxury property in Beverly Hills, a French-style mansion built in Green Acres Drive. At that time, Jackie Chan's house was worth only $ 3 million. Now it costs $ 6,3 million. Not so long ago, the house was sold, and its price rose again: the current market value is now more than $ 10 million.

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