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In California, an old woman shot a police robot

An elderly California resident shot and killed a police robot and kept law enforcement at bay for 22 hours. Before that, she called them to her home, and then turned a gun on them.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's assistants reported that the old woman was finally able to take into custody and achieve a peaceful resolution of the situation. They said that she would be accused of assault with a firearm.

On Thursday morning, a woman called law enforcement officers and said that she needed emergency medical care. Armed with a pistol, she barricaded herself in her mobile home in Topanga, California.

When police and medical personnel arrived, an 70-old woman pulled out a pistol. The guards immediately reacted, and the neighbors were evacuated.

They threw grenades of shock action, but no reaction followed. Then the police sent a robot to the house, but the woman shot him dead. After that, law enforcement officers worked tirelessly, developing various tactics to try to convince the woman to surrender "without a fight."

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