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In California, held competitions in dog surfing

On the beach of Huntington Beach in the state of California, a traditional dog-surfing tournament Surf City Surf Dog International Competition was held, in which more than fifty dogs participated, according to ABC News. The winner was the bulldog from the city of San Diego.

The competition included not only competitions on the waves, but also a competition of costumes, and the tournament ended with the participants passing along the red carpet.

The annual competition for dogs Surf City Surf Dog International Competition was held for the tenth time. It is organized by the American manufacturer of products for dogs Petco. The winner is selected on the basis of a number of parameters: the length of time the dog stays on the board in the waves, his ability to steer confidently in the water, and so on.

In 2014, the boxer dog was the winner. The owners of the dogs participating in the event said that, in their opinion, the guarantee of victory in the competition was the good health of the animal and the love of the waves.

In the U.S. California surfing Dogs competition
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