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An earthquake hit California: what you need to know about this phenomenon

According to the US Geological Survey, a 4,2 magnitude earthquake shook the San Fernando Valley in Southern California around 4:30 am on Thursday, July 30, writes CNN.

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The earthquake, which felt like a shake-up followed by a pause and a slight tremor of the earth's surface, was concentrated near Pacoima, north of Los Angeles.

Several more tremors occurred later in the morning after the earthquake.

“Today's earthquakes are common in California. In an area with a large number of faults, where the earthquakes occurred in Northridge in 1994 and Silmar in 1971. A good [ordinary] life in the Golden State, "famous Californian seismologist Lucy Jones wrote on Twitter.

Officials said they received no reports of injuries or injuries.

Los Angeles International Airport was operating normally and no damage was reported by its inspectors.

Pacoima is located approximately 23 miles (37 km) northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

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5 facts about earthquakes

1. An earthquake occurs when blocks of the earth's crust - tectonic plates - slide against each other (in the fault zone in California, they tend to slide in opposite directions). This is accompanied by a frictional force, which leads to the accumulation of energy in places of tectonic faults - the boundaries of these plates. The stress increases until it exceeds the ultimate strength, and then displacement, tremors and subsequent vibrations of the earth's surface occur. The stored energy is released in the form of seismic waves, similar to ripples in a pond, says CNN.

2. An earthquake can occur very close to the earth's surface. These earthquakes are usually very destructive. There are earthquakes at a depth of 400 miles (over 640 km) in the earth's crust. The place in the thickness of the earth's crust where the earthquake actually occurs is called the hypocenter. The place on the surface directly above it is the epicenter.

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3. The strength of an earthquake is called magnitude. The intensity can vary depending on geography, topography, or even the depth of the earthquake. There are 500 detectable earthquakes on the planet every year. 000 of them can be felt and 100 will cause damage.

4. The earthquakes themselves do not actually kill that many people. Death and injury are caused by natural and man-made structures that fall to the ground during tremors.

5. Most of all earthquakes and volcanoes occur along the boundaries of tectonic plates. The largest of these is the Pacific Plate. The area around the perimeter of the Pacific Ocean, which is home to most of the active volcanoes and many earthquakes, is called the Pacific Volcanic Ring of Fire.

In the U.S. earthquake California California earthquake

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