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California has the toughest law in the United States to protect Internet user data

Other states may follow the example.


On Thursday, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law what has been dubbed the toughest Internet privacy law in the United States at the moment. As the edition writes “Merchant“There are already calls in America for other states to follow California's lead in consumer protection.

In accordance with the new law, users get broad rights to know what personal information is collected by Internet companies, why these data are collected, how and why they are used by Internet companies, etc. Users also get the right to require companies to delete information or prohibit its sale to third parties or advertisers. In addition, the law severely restricts companies from transferring or selling data to underage Internet users.

The law comes into force on 2020, by which time Internet companies operating in California and / or with residents of this state must be prepared to comply with its provisions.

The law states separately:

“In March, 2018 of the year, it became known that tens of millions of people were illegally used by the data storage company, Cambridge Analytica. As a result of several congressional hearings, it became apparent that our personal information could be misused when it was transmitted to the Internet. As a result, our desire to control personal data and the transparency of the process of storing and processing this data has noticeably increased. ”

Considering that Cambridge Analytica used First of all, data from Facebook users, the authors of the law actually stated their position regarding this world's largest social network, although it is not mentioned in the text of the law.

American observers point out that the adoption of this law in California, where the headquarters of many leading Internet and technology companies (Facebook, Google, Apple, Netflix, HP, Intel, etc.) are located, can have a much wider impact on the situation with processing of personal data than in the state itself.

How will protect the personal data of the new regulations

“Finally, we have a real law,” said James Steir, founder of the non-profit human rights organization in the field of media and technology Common Sense Media, in an interview with The USA Today. “This is a victory for every citizen of the United States.”

On the eve of voting on the bill, this organization issued a statement in which it noted that “the new rules will protect almost 40 million California residents, but leave 288 million other Americans without this protection. But the adoption of these rules in the homeland of Silicon Valley is an important start of the process, during which technology companies should begin to take seriously the protection of personal information of consumers. ”

Facebook has already responded to the adoption of the new law.

“Although these rules are not perfect, we support them. We are also looking forward to starting working with regulators to determine a methodology that would not only protect consumers, but also contribute to the development of responsible technologies, ”said Will Castberry, Facebook Vice President.

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