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Secret Service officer robbed during Biden's trip to California

A Secret Service officer was robbed in California over the weekend. At this time, President Joe Biden was campaigning in Los Angeles, writes NBC News.

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Police in Tustin, south of Los Angeles, said officers responded to a call about a potential robbery on June 15 around 21:36 p.m. Law enforcement officers found out that the victim was a Secret Service employee whose bag was “stolen at gunpoint.” Some of the officer's belongings were later found near the scene. Suspects have not yet been identified

Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said one of the officers was returning from a mission when he was stopped by robbers.

“The officer fired his service weapon during the incident, but it is unknown whether he hit the attackers. Fortunately, our colleague was not injured,” Guglielmi said. Tustin police declined further comment. The name of the officer who was robbed has not been released.

The incident occurred the night Biden spoke at a fundraiser in Los Angeles along with former President Barack Obama, actors George Clooney, Julia Roberts and comedian Jimmy Kimmel. Then a record amount was collected - more than $30 million for the election campaign.

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