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Emergency declared in California due to oil spill

California has declared a state of emergency because coastal areas have been affected by one of the most serious oil spills in state history.

Governor Jerry Brown announced the introduction of a state of emergency on Wednesday evening, the day after the spilled oil reached Refugio State Beach in southern California, near Santa Barbara. The introduction of a state of emergency will allow the use of funds allocated to eliminate the consequences of an oil spill.

Oil spill occurred as a result of damage to the pipeline running along the coast. The authorities estimate that by the time the oil supply was cut off — and it happened on Tuesday evening — more than 100 thousand gallons of oil could flow out of the pipe, of which approximately 21 thousand gallons could pollute the beach and the water area.

A spokesman for the US Coast Guard reported that about 15 kilometers of coastline were affected by an oil spill. From Wednesday, when the refining work began, more than 6 thousand gallons of oil were collected.

The pipeline manager, Plains All American Pipeline LP, apologized and said that the clean-up work was going on around the clock.

In 1969, one of the largest oil spills in US history occurred in the same area. Then it was one of the reasons for the emergence in the United States of the environmental movement, which continues to operate today.

Fortnight back in North Dakota, the oil train caught fire.

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