A cliff on which residential buildings stood collapsed in California: some of the yards slid into the ocean - ForumDaily
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In California, a cliff collapsed on which residential buildings stood: part of the yards slid into the ocean

Heavy rains hit California, causing landslides. Because of this, part of the residential coastal houses moved out into the ocean. Writes about it Insider.

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People in the coastal community of San Clemente were evacuated during a storm this week. Landslides caused a large piece of the backyard of one of the San Clemente houses to collapse, leaving the edge of the house's pool open and hanging off a cliff. Neighboring yards were also hurt, but not so much.

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“We've had a huge amount of rain this season and I don't think it will end there. Moisture has soaked the landscape,” said Thanh Nguyen, a fire captain from Orange County.

California is experiencing its eleventh atmospheric river this storm season. An atmospheric river is a stream of moisture flowing in the sky.

Atmospheric rivers in California are formed by warm water vapor rising from the Pacific Ocean and can carry 15 times the volume of the Mississippi River.

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Heavy rain from these atmospheric rivers caused evacuations, power outages and road closures. As of March 15, 169 people across California were left without power. Earlier ForumDaily reported that California was flooded, water washed out roads and completely cut off one of the state's cities.

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