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In California, illegal immigrants received the right to financial assistance in connection with the coronavirus

Beginning May 18, undocumented immigrants in California may apply for financial assistance during the coronavirus pandemic - this is the first aid fund of its kind, writes CNN. You can apply link.

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In April, Governor Gavin Newsome announced the creation of a $ 125 million coronavirus relief fund to support undocumented immigrants who are not eligible for federal financial support and unemployment benefits due to their immigration status.

This is the first state funding to help illegal immigrants, while the coronavirus pandemic causes financial difficulties and spurs unemployment across the country.

“Every Californian, including our undocumented neighbors and friends, should know that California is ready to support them during this crisis,” Newsom said in an April statement. "We're all in this together."

The one-time allowance will provide $ 500 support per adult, with a limit of $ 1000 per family. The fund brings together $ 75 million in state donations from $ 50 million from private philanthropists and is expected to help approximately 150 undocumented adults.

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California has allocated funds to 12 non-profit organizations with experience serving immigrants. Individuals can seek help by contacting these organizations directly starting May 18th. Applications are accepted until June 30 or before the expiration of the assistance.

Newsom emphasized the importance of illegal workers for the state of California. Undocumented workers are massively represented in many sectors that are deemed necessary and keep the staff afloat, including healthcare, agriculture and food, manufacturing, logistics and construction, Newsom said.

According to him, about 10% of working residents of California do not have documents. And although they paid more than $ 2,5 billion in local and state taxes last year, they get neither unemployment insurance nor $ 2,2 trillion in financial support, signed by President Trump.

Private donors for charitable activities worth $ 50 million are Emerson Collective, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, James Irvine Foundation, California Endowment and Blue Shield Foundation.

“I don't think $ 125 million is enough. But I guess it’s a good start and I’m very proud that it starts here in California, ”said the governor.

This measure may be criticized by groups opposing illegal immigration, which claim that it is unfair to offer financial support to immigrants who break the law.

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While some argue that the government is not responsible for supporting illegal immigrants when US citizens suffer material damage, immigration advocates say the disproportionate impact of the crisis on undocumented workers is a wider problem.

According to data received at the Pew Research Center for 2017, about 7,6 million people, or 4,6% of the total workforce in the United States, are illegal workers.

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