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Tree found in California that is 777 years old

In Muir Woods, California, a high mahogany tree has been found that has turned 777 years old. Initially, experts considered that this tree was already one and a half thousand years old, but a new analysis by specialists from Humboldt University showed that it is much younger.

The height of this redwood is of the order of 75 meters, sometimes they can reach more than 100. According to updated data, it began its growth back in the period when the inquisition rules in Europe - at the beginning of the XIII century. Thus, the tree, which was originally considered the oldest in Muir Woods, turned out to be a child compared to other redwoods growing in regions closer to the north.

The mistake for calculating the age of this tree was the fact that more rings were formed in wet years. It is noted that the redwood, which scientists take as the standard, is a tree near Crescent City - it is about 2,520 years old. True, in the Sierra Nevada mountains there are red trees older than 3,2 thousands of years.

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