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In California, water consumption will be reduced by a quarter due to drought

California Governor Jerry Brown ordered a reduction in 25% fresh water consumption in the state due to the ongoing multi-year drought.

A detailed plan to reduce consumption will be presented later, but it is already known that the restrictions will affect, including ordinary citizens and enterprises of the most populated state of the United States.

“We are now standing on dry land, and we must stand on a five-meter layer of snow,” Brown said. According to him, rationing water consumption will save almost two cubic kilometers of soil in nine months.

The “liberated” freshwater resources of the state plan to leave untouched in nature or to send problem areas to irrigation. Local farmers are already aware of the restrictions on the use of water in agriculture, and the new restrictions will not affect them. In March, ordinary residents of the state were already banned from watering the lawns in front of houses within two days before and after the rain, and restaurants were recommended to supply water only at the special request of the visitor.

Abnormal drought in California has been going on for the fourth year, and to some extent affected the entire population of the state. Such stringent restrictive measures have already been considered by the state authorities in the 70-ies, but then the decision on their application was not taken.

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