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California Authorities Willing To Pay 80% Of Your Rent: How To Apply

City's rental assistance program will support those most in need, reports Time-out.

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Both California and Los Angeles County imposed moratoriums on evictions due to the pandemic until June this year, in addition to their previously provided monthly assistance. But what happens after, when suddenly some of the hardest hit residents have thousands of dollars in unpaid rent debt to pay?

To help, the City of Los Angeles has introduced a program emergency assistance to tenantswhich will cover 80% of late rents for selected low-income residents. Through a combination of federal and state funding, the city expects to help 64 families using the $ 000 million now available to fight evictions and provide direct rental assistance. Applications will open on March 259th (don't worry, they are out of order, so you have a month to submit) and eventually the recipients will be randomly selected.

On the subject: The couple bought a house in California and has not been able to evict the former owner for a year.

To apply, you need to meet three key requirements:

1. Live in Los Angeles (immigration status does not matter). Since city boundaries are scattered, it is important to check if you are live within the jurisdiction of the city.

2. One or more people in your household should be eligible for unemployment benefits, reduced family income, significant spending, or other financial hardship as a result of the pandemic.

3. Your household income does not exceed 50% of the regional median income (AMI). For one person, this means that the annual income limit is $ 39 before tax; if you are a member of a family of two, the income limit is $ 450 the HCIDLA website).

If you meet these requirements, then by 23:59 on April 30, you can apply.

Suitable candidates will be randomly selected to participate in the program (it is worth noting that 56 residents are already awaiting rental assistance, so expect a lot of competition). You do not need to delay rent to apply, but the City says the program should prioritize those whose rent is overdue.

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If selected, up to 80% of your late rent can be covered between April 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021, but this is only if your landlord agrees to waive the remaining 20%. The money does not go into your pocket, it goes directly to your landlord to cover the unpaid rent on your behalf. If your landlord does not agree with these terms, you may still be eligible for compensation for 25% of your rent for that period, as well as up to 25% of your rent for the next three months.

So, going back to the very first selection criterion, what happens if you don't live in an urban area? The state employs almost identical program, according to which candidates are accepted on an ongoing basis. In addition, Long Beach has own program assistance.

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