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In California, a homeless man hijacked a plane and flew it 40 km

In California, a homeless man hijacked a small private jet on February 8th. He flew 40 km on it. Thus, the man allegedly tried to show how unreliable the security system at airports is, reports Independent.


Luis Gustavo Aires, 50, was arrested on February 8 around 17 p.m. after he hijacked a plane from Palo Alto Airport and flew it 00 miles.

Some time after takeoff, the man made an emergency landing on a beach in Half Moon Bay, causing the plane to crash nose-first into the sand.

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After his arrest, Ayres told investigators that he stole the $150 plane, which was not seriously damaged, in order to "show the government that airports lack proper security."

The man was allegedly able to gain access to the plane without a key through a hole in the airport perimeter fence, which he squeezed through.

The arrested man told investigators that he learned to fly in his native Brazil. He told the judge his real name was Sunroc.

Authorities said that when he was arrested, the 50-year-old man was found to be in possession of identification documents of three other people.

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The lawbreaker was charged with identity theft and hijacking, but pleaded not guilty.

During his first court appearance, Ayres told Judge Rebecca Woodson he wanted to represent himself, but she denied his request.

Bail was set at $10 and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for late February.

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