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In California, a 4-year-old boy found a gun away and shot himself in the head

Navon Jackson, XNUMX, from Oakland, California, found a pistol at a family friend's house and accidentally shot himself in the head. The boy survived - he was in a coma, but has already come to his senses. Navon became the fifth member of his family to be affected by a firearm. The family lost four of them.

Photo: Facebook / Jamilia Land

It all happened on March 27th. Navona was taken to a nearby hospital and admitted to the intensive care unit. Doctors fought for his life: the situation looked dire. The family was terrified of losing another relative because of the shooting - four had already died, writes CNN.

Now Navon is in a stable condition, but his mother, Bridgana Price, still cannot talk about it.

The child’s accidental weapon belonged to a family friend, Terrence Wilson, who was prohibited from possessing a firearm because of previous criminal convictions. The gun lay under the pillow of the owner. The man was charged with possession of arms and child abuse.


The boy spent a whole week in a coma without signs of brain activity - he was deliberately immersed in this state for medical reasons. The family had to wait to find out if the child would wake up after the drugs had ended.


Navon opened his eyes. 3 April, his grandfather Ramon Price wrote on Facebook that the child can move, opens his eyes, yawns, coughs, moves his legs and arms. Since then, the boy's condition has stabilized, he was discharged from intensive care to a regular ward.

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Navon was still alive, but his brain received irreversible damage.

“We believe and pray that everything turns out well and that he leaves the hospital. But taking into account the injuries, he will never be the same, ”wrote the boy's aunt Jamilia Land in social networks.


After a series of tragic exchanges, the Navona family hopes that this will be the last. The boy's father, Nathan Jackson, lost two brothers and a sister because of the use of weapons. In 2010, 18-year-old Nario Jackson was shot dead by a gang in West Auckland. Less than a year later, 16-year-old Najon Jackson was fatally injured near his grandmother's house in East Auckland. In the same year last year, 21-year-old Elles MacPhee was shot dead in a car.

Bridgeanna Price also lost her brother due to firearms. In 2012, 17-year-old Lamont Price was shot dead by a man he knew.

According to the city of Auckland, 2017 non-lethal and 277 fatal shootings occurred in 63, which indicates a significant decrease in the number of incidents: in 2011, 617 non-lethal and 93 weapon deaths occurred in the city.

“This is an epidemic in our society,” says the boy's aunt. - Murders are constantly occurring among African Americans, and they don't talk about it. Weapons are part of our life. It's as American as pie. "

The pastor and the funeral home, the grandfather of the boy Ramon Price, says that he sees young victims of shooting every day. He associates urban problems with weapons with a lack of education and irresponsible behavior.

“Now more people own weapons than books,” says the man.

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