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In Israel, praise trump for the courage to admit the truth

When I got acquainted with Judaism many years ago, I envied the clarity that had opened up to the Jews, who had observed the exit of Egypt from Egypt, the dissection of the Red Sea. Where as a clear sign. But on the other hand: “... the Lord cast off the sea with a strong east wind all night, and made the sea a land; and the waters parted. " (Exodus 14: 21) You can simply explain the miracle: the wind blew - that’s the sea and parted.

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Watching our world, I try to see unnoticed wonders. For example: the organization has offices in cities A and B, and decides to consider the head is not the one in A, but the one in B. Suddenly the whole world screams in protest. An emergency meeting of the UN is convened, and the decision of the United States to consider its consulate general in Jerusalem as an embassy, ​​and the office in Tel Aviv is not an embassy, ​​but a consulate, I mean precisely this reshuffle, condemned 128 countries of the world, including all significant ones.

The solemn procedure of such a formal, purely bureaucratic act became the main world event, accompanied by a suicidal attempt by the Arabs to break through the Israeli border from Gaza.

As the dissection of the Red Sea is important not by the uniqueness of the natural phenomenon, but by the fact of the birth of the “chosen people”, so the global hysteria associated with the transfer of the embassy reflects an unnamed process that has global significance for civilization.

Western civilization was born from the rivalry and mutual influence of the ancient Judea and Greece. Over the centuries, the Jews mastered the sciences and arts born by the geniuses of Hellas, and in turn pressed the ethics and beliefs of the pagans of the ancient world with their daughter enterprise, Christianity, who presented the teachings of the Tanach to the world.

The history of Christianity flowed without the Jews. Moreover, Christianity became hostile to the Jews, and oppressed us in every way. However, until the twentieth century, Western European Christians in general did not destroy Jews, aiming only to prove the superiority of their religion over ours. In painting, it was called “the celebration of the church over the synagogue” and served as a popular theme for paintings. Next to the Vatican in Rome was created the area of ​​"papal Jews", who were to witness the final collapse of their faith before Catholicism.

Of great importance for the Western world was the Reformation of 16-17 of the centuries, which produced Protestantism, which moved its adherents in the direction of its maternal religion. The Protestants created the United States as the realization of the idea of ​​"American Zionism" - attempts to build a new society based on the teachings of the Tanakh. In recent decades, it has become accepted in America to call its civilization Judeo-Christian, emphasizing the origins of the American idea.

In the second half of the twentieth century with three sources of Western civilization: Jewry, Christianity and Hellenism, global changes occurred. The Jews, as a people, returned from vacation in world history, which lasted for 17 centuries, and re-established their state. Israel for 70 years has done a tremendous way, having achieved great success in all areas - in the military, agricultural, industrial, scientific, economic, spiritual. The only one in the industrialized world, Israel today has a healthy demography. And in Israel, Judaism flourished again, for a century and a half before losing adherents. A new branch of Judaism emerged and developed - religious Zionism, which has several more names.

The reverse process occurred in Europe with Christianity. As Sebastien Vilar Rodriguez put it, “Europe died in Auschwitz.” After the attempt to exterminate the Jews during the war years, the Christians of the continent suddenly stopped believing in God. Now 5-10% of Western Europeans visit their luxurious cathedrals. In Russia, religion died earlier - in the bloodbath of the Civil War. And so far it does not look that an attempt to revive Orthodoxy gives visible fruits there.

In Europe, he was suddenly resurrected (not the one that was expected) of Hellenism. Not that great scientists, philosophers, artists appeared ... the ethics of Hellenism returned: hedonism, the sexual morality of antiquity, aversion to childbirth, which demographically completed the history of ancient Greece and Rome. Institutionalized homosexuality, euthanasia, incest. We read from historians that in ancient Rome it was considered worthy to commit suicide. In general, Europe in the sweet sleep half completes its earthly journey.

And now the transfer of the US embassy - the only superpower of today's world - to Jerusalem shook Europe. This transfer has become a symbol of the triumph of the prophecies of the Tanakh and the Jewish idea. In two related religions, Jerusalem plays the role of a place in which the Most High is revealed. Christians fought for centuries with Muslims. Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Quran, but possession of it is important for Muslims as well, as a sign of their superiority over competitors. The decaying Europeans do not think about new crusades, but would prefer the Muslim possession of the Holy City. It would not remind them of their spiritual withering. The European Union has long been hostile to Israel, but the procedure for opening the American embassy in Jerusalem has drawn a line under the vain efforts of the EU to undermine the success of the Zionist project.

The case of America is a special one. Its founding fathers were Yudophiles. For them, the Jewish idea was important. Abraham Lincoln called the Americans “an almost elected people,” leaving the place of the elect to the Jews. In the country, unlike the rest, there has never been anti-Jewish laws.

In modern America, much has changed. The Jewish idea here was abandoned by most Jews. Only about 10% retain their loyalty to Judaism and remain orthodox. The vast majority of American Jews support the Democratic Party — an anti-Israel party, with a decadent ethic similar to the modern European one.

Many modern presidents turned out to be anti-Israeli. Eisenhower deprived the Jews of the fruits of their victory in the 1956 war of the year, forcing Sinai to return to Egypt. Uncovered anti-Semitism of Carter and Bush Sr. Clinton's anti-Israelism was due to his leftism and the desire for a Nobel Prize. Islamist Obama turned out to be particularly hostile to Israel.

At the same time, the Jews have long had significant influence in the US government. The greatest - as members of the Supreme Court, starting with Brandeis, Cardoso and Frankfurter, as well as in the financial sector. Senator Joseph Lieberman was the first orthodox Jew to claim a role in the leadership of the country. When Al Gore, the presidential candidate 2000 of the year inflated as a turkey, announced his choice for the position of vice president Lieberman, his rating jumped up as if stung. Nevertheless, after the recounts, the victory as thin as a hair was won by Bush Jr. at that time.

Deciding that he is popular, Lieberman in the 2004 year, put forward his candidacy in the primaries, but lost to the insignificant John Kerry. It turned out that America is not ready for a Jewish president.

But in the 2016 year, to a large extent by the voices of evangelical Christians, Donald Trump became president. In his views, and in the fate, pro-Israel Protestantism and Judaism merged. Trump's daughter Ivanka, who converted to Orthodox Judaism, and her husband, Jared Kushner, became chief presidential advisers.

There was a joke among Jews about the difference between Trump and the usual reformist Jew - Trump's grandchildren - with Trump.

For the first time since its birth, Israel acquired an unconditional friend in the White House. For example, when Trump points out that European leaders condemn his tough Iran policy, which prevents the terrorist state from expanding and acquiring nuclear weapons, Trump objects - but Netanyahu supports it. That is, for Trump, relations with Israel have become more important than with European countries.

On the procedure for opening the US Embassy in Jerusalem, with which I started, two Protestant pastors spoke inspired speeches. John hagee praised Trump for “having the courage to admit the truth established by 3000 years ago — Jerusalem is and was the eternal capital of the Jews.” Embassy transfer Hagee rated as a sign of "eternal unity of the United States and Israel." And he previously promised to Trump for his determination “political immortality”.

Robert jeffress, The “Southern Baptist,” thanked the Almighty for having given America a president, standing on Jerusalem on the side of the truth and on the side of Himself, the Almighty.

The main star in the celebration sparkled beauty Ivanka. The Torah, considering it essential, notes the extraordinary beauty of the foremothers of the Jews Sarah, Rivka and Rachel. The president’s daughter, who accepted Judaism, with her beauty gave the event an additional religious significance.

Ivanka (Yael) Trump with her husband Jared Kushner - on the cover of the list of the most influential Jews in the world in 2016.

The recognition by the world of Jerusalem again as the capital of the Jews - and this process is now not stopped by any decisions of the UN and the EU - demonstrates Israel’s gaining the status of the spiritual leader of the modern world. The world is becoming aware of this. Evidence of this is President Trump's speech delivered on April 25: “The hot dream that burned in the hearts of the oppressed was now filled with the breath of life, and the Star of David flutters over a great country that rose from desolation ... I will always stand together with our great friend and partner, the State of Israel ... He blossomed and lit up the whole world. We look with reverence at the indestructible spirit of the Jewish people. ” (translation of Eleonora Shifrin).

The rise of Jerusalem is evidence of the triumph of the Torah and the onset of messianic times.


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