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13 people in Israel paralyzed face after COVID-19 vaccination

At least 13 Israeli citizens suffered mild facial paralysis as a side effect after being vaccinated with Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine. This was reported by the Ministry of Health, writes Hromadske.

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According to the department's estimates, the number of such cases may be higher. They note that anyone who developed similar symptoms after the first dose should postpone the second vaccination until they recover.

One of the patients said that a few minutes after the vaccination he noticed strange sensations on his chin and mouth.

“For at least 28 hours I walked with him (with facial paralysis - ed.). I cannot say that over time it completely disappeared, and I also felt a slight pain in the injection area, ”he said.

He has not yet decided on the second dose. “This is something out of the ordinary and I don't want people to avoid getting vaccinated - it's important,” the patient added.

“Nobody knows if this is due to the vaccine or not. That is why I would not recommend a second dose to someone who was paralyzed after the first dose, ”said Professor Galya Rahav, director of the infectious diseases department at Sheba Medical Center.

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Side effects

The vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech (USA and Germany, respectively), which is also inoculated into Israeli citizens, has shown 95 percent efficacy in various age, gender, racial and ethnic groups, as well as virtually no side effects. It was reported that only 3,8% of the volunteers experienced fatigue and 2% had headaches.

More than 43 people took part in the latest clinical trial. Although the vaccine has been tested in people 000-80 years old, the average age of the participants was 90 years old, so it is not known in detail how the elderly react to the drug.

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In addition, cases of allergic reactions to the vaccine were recorded in the UK and USA. The UK has even advised people who have ever had allergies to abstain from vaccinations.

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